Fujikura fibre optic splicers and fibre cleavers are now available from EDP Europe.

As part of the installation process of a fibre optic network it’s often necessary to splice fibre optic cables together, for instance when installing fibre trays to the main multi-core fibre cable, repairing damaged sections of cabling or extending existing cable runs. In order to achieve optimum network performance this splice needs to be of the highest quality to minimise loss that could affect the operation of the network. Fujikura are a leading manufacturer or fibre optic splicers and fibre cleavers that help network installers produce the high-quality splices required for modern fibre optic networks. Their range of fibre optic fusion splicers include the 70S for single fibres and the 70R+ for ribbon fibre splicing. The Fujikura 12S provides a lightweight splicing solution that can be used on a surface or from a sling providing greater flexibility.

In order to produce the highest quality splice, the fibre cables need to be first prepared for the splicing process. The Fujikura fibre cleaning kit comprises of the tools required to prepare and clean the fibre optic cables prior to the cleaving and splicing stages. EDP offer three of Fujikura’s high precision fibre cleavers the CT-30, CT-32 and CT-38.

Fujikura also offer a range of spare parts and consumables that help keep the Fujikura equipment working at peak performance, these include splicer clamps, splicer electrodes, cleaver blades and heat shrink sleeves.