Russ Bassett offers a range of enclosed media storage solutions that provide maximum protection to the stored media tapes.

Russ Bassett media storage solutions are enclosed cabinets designed to store backup media tapes such as LTO and DLT in horizontal or vertical drawers. From the simple horizontal drawers of the ProMedia media cabinets to the high density Gemtrac system, Russ Bassett media storage solutions maximise the security of tape storage with key locks.

As well as Russ Bassett EDP Europe produces its own open rack media storage solutions, as well as distributing transport cases for storing small quantities of media tapes or hard drives from Turtle case.

Media Storage Products for Data Centres & IT Rooms

Russ Bassett ProMedia Cabinets
Russ Bassett Gemtrac
EDP Maximiser
EDP Multimedia Extreme
Turtle Media Cases
Turtle Hard Drive Cases


Solutions for storing and transporting backup media tapes

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