Biometric Swipe Access Card

Biometric Swipe Access Card

Contactless Smart Credential With On-Card Fingerprint Technology

Secure. Fast. Easy.

The Biometric Swipe Access Card provides contactless biometric credential and enables you to upgrade your security to biometric authentication without upgrading a single reader.

The Swipe Access Card is fully compatible with Proximity, NFC, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 based access control systems, no external database is required. Only the card owner can activate the credential.

Product Description

Biometric Swipe Access Card

Dual Level Authentication Without Changing Existing Card Readers

With increasing focus on Information Security, compliance and the need for robust access control, the move to dual authentication and biometrics is gathering momentum. To enable this transition, EDP Europe now offers a biometric swipe access card that provides dual level authentication without needing to invest in replacing existing card reader infrastructure. The card is enrolled in the same way as existing contactless cards but has on board biometric fingerprint technology to tie the card to a specific individual.

Being unique to the user, the card only communicates and provides access when the card owner activates the card using their fingerprint. Bio-metric data is stored on the card only, therefore eliminating the need to store and manage biometric data on the network. The card is fully compatible with Proximity, NFC, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 based access control systems.

These Biometric swipe access cards can be used in conjunction with the rack access control systems, and provides even greater rack security to the TZ Centurion rack access control system.


  • PROVEN & RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY – Delivers consistent and accurate fingerprint reads within one second.
  • SECURE – Unique to the user, only the card owner can activate card communication with the reader.
  • SAFE – Biometric data is stored on the card, eliminating the need to manage and secure an external database.
  • PROGRAMMABLE – Card can be programmed or formatted to meet your requirements.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – On-card authentication provides easy path to upgrade security without upgrading readers.
  • DURABLE – Strong and resistant to cracking or breaking.


  • Fully compatible with existing RF Readers.
  • Replaceable battery for years of use.
  • On-Card fingerprint touch sensor with 3D capacitive technology for superior imaging.
  • Secure and intuitive biometric 2-factor authentication, without upgrading readers.
    Supports PIN-based systems creating for 3-factor authentication.
  • Addresses privacy concerns with on card biometric data storage.
  • Eliminates threat of lost cards or unauthorised use.


Power Source

CR2032 Replaceable battery

Form Factor

Clamshell design with slot for lanyards


85.6mm (L) x 54mm (W) x 8mm (H)
3.370” (L) x 2.125” (W) x .31” (H)


21g (0.74 oz)

Operational Frequency

125kHz & 13.56MHz

Supported RF Transponders

HID Prox, HID iClass®, Mifare® Classic, DESFire™ EV1, Atmel 5577
*Other contactless transponders are available on request



Operating Temperature

(-20° to 40°C) (-4° to 104°F)

Status Indicators

Green & Red LED lights

Fingerprint Enrollment

Direct on-card

Fingerprint Sensor

3D Capacitive array with ESD protection. Test to 10 million scans

Fingerprint Processing Time

Less than one second

Users Per Card


Application Programming

Standard programming procedures

Photo ID Compatible

Accepts printable clamshell label


One Year


Swipe Access Card Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure

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