Cablelay Protective Matting for Cables

Cablelay Protective Matting for Cables

Cablelay Protective Matting for Cables

Cablelay™ protective matting for cables provides a physical barrier between cables and the floor or cable basket and protects the cables from conditions that could damage them such us sharp edges, rough surfaces or water penetration.

Product Description

Protective Matting for Cables from Cablelay

Cablelay protective matting for cables creates a high performance physical barrier that protects cables from protrusions, sharp edges, rough and uneven surfaces, potential chemical impurites and water penetration. Cablelay is lightweight, clean and flexible, ensuring easy, speedy installation resulting in time and cost savings.

Benefits of Cablelay™ Cable Protective Matting

  • Lightweight and flexible means easy and speedy installation with low maintenance, resulting in time and cost savings. Any last minute changes to the route can easily be accommodated.
  • Specifically manufactured widths eliminate the need to cut material on site, saving time and waste.
  • Protection from low flooding is realised as the cables are raised off the floor giving extra protection.
  • Installed Cablelay provides a dedicated and visible route for the network infrastructure cabling saving any confusion at installation.
  • Coloured Cablelay™ provides a differentiated route-way supporting future maintenance issues.
  • Elastomeric properties provide protection from grit, sharp edges and irregularities in the route-way surface and help maintain the performance of the cables.
  • Painting or sealing of the concrete substrate from potential chemical contamination to the cables is not required as Cablelay™ will form a physical barrier between the two components.

Features of Cablelay™ Cable Protective Matting

  • Wide range of roll lengths and widths available.
  • Pre-cut material is available for use as a protective lining to the hard and sharp edges of traditional tray/basket systems.
  • Closed cell structure provides a high resistance to moisture and water penetration, giving long term stability.
  • Low Toxicity Index for added safety assurance.
  • Variety of specifications – can be coloured, cut to size and available in various thicknesses – accommodating any application.
  • Dust, fibre and CFC free with an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero – an environmentally-friendly product.
  • Class ‘O’ fire category means low fire propagation index producing a zero surface spread of flame for a high degree of fire protection and safety (BS476 part 6 1989 and BS476 part 7 1987).
  • Available to meet the various fire standards required across Europe.
  • Joining of sections to prevent gaps can be achieved simply by using Cabletape which will maintain the Class ‘O’ fire rating.
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil, chemicals, extreme weather conditions and wear and tear.
  • Manufacturers BS EN ISO 9002 and 14001 approval confirms continuity of quality.


Cablelay Data Sheet
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