CableMaster 400 / 450 Telephone Cable Tester

CableMaster 400 / 450 Telephone Cable Tester

CableMaster 400 / 450

CableMaster 400 / 450 the ideal telephone cable tester

The CableMaster 400 / 450 is a flexible cable tester capable of testing RJ45, Coax and RJ11, making it an ideal telephone cable tester. With its built-in tone generator and large LCD that displays multiple fault situations indicating ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ where necessary it makes it suitable to be used by installers, telecommunication and network engineers.

Product Description

The telephone cable tester that supports voice, data and video

The CableMaster 400 / 450 telephone cable tester can be used for testing voice, data and video making it a great solution for testing the complex wire environments existing in today’s information and entertainment systems. The CableMaster 400 / 450 offers a built-in tone generator which is useful for tracing faults and finding termination ends of installed cables. With a built-in remote and wiremapper sets, a single operator can identify up to 19 remote and wiremapper sets, offering the identification of 19 remote cables and locations. Its rugged build will enable years of use, the CableMaster 400 / 450 telephone cable tester is the perfect solution for accurate and easy field testing results. The CableMaster 450 offers all of the features of the CableMaster 400 but also has the capability of additionally measuring the length of cables.

The CableMaster 400 / 450 telephone cable tester offers:

  • Tests data and voice cables of all categories and coax cables.
  • Tests shielded cables.
  • Mapping video and data cables can be connected to their respective remotes at the same time to improve testing efficiency of ‘tech’ cable (both data & coax cables in one jacket).
  • Patch cables may be tested without removing the master remote from storage.
  • Mapping – Optional data and video, custom ID remotes (numbered 1 through 19) for locating cable runs to wall outlets are available (see Accessories tab).
  • Cable test results displayed in wiremap format with connector pin numbers.
  • Low battery icon indicator.
  • Voltage detection warning icon.
  • LOOP ON – Sets up continuous mode which is useful for trouble shooting intermittent problems.


  • Tests Voice (6 wire), Data (8 wire) and Video (coax).
  • Tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs.
  • Displays ‘Pass’ icon for correctly wired 6-pin telephone plus ‘Rev’ for reverse-pinned.
  • Easy to read, extra large 7-segments LCD screen with large icons.
  • Tone generator with selectable tone cadence and selectable pins carrying tone. Traces multiple cable runs with four usable tones to quickly distinguish between respective outlets.
  • RJ (Voice & Data) master remote stores in bottom of case.
  • Map 19 locations at one time.
  • Low power consumption for long battery life.
  • Auto power-off.


Size: 163mm x 71mm x 36mm
Weight: 256g incl. Remote and Battery
Power Supply: 9V Battery

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories include:

7 Remotes
The 7 Remotes can be used as extra Remotes when testing networks and for port identification.

Coax Remote Set
Identify / map 19 video (coax) cables at one time. Numbered custom F remotes 1 through 19 for easy identification.

Data Remote Sent
Identify / map 19 data (twisted pair) cables or data ports / jacks at one time. Numbered custom RJ45 Remotes 1 to 19 for easy identification.


CableMaster 400 / 450 Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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