ColdLogik CAP System – Chimney Rack Containment

ColdLogik CAP System – Chimney Rack Containment

USystems ColdLogik CAP System

Chimney Rack Containment for USystems 4210 Racks

The USystems ColdLogik CAP system is a chimney rack containment solution that provides a passive or active controlled air path for their 4210 server racks.

Product Description

USystems Provide a Chimney Rack Containment Solution with their ColdLogik CAP System

The USystems ColdLogik CAP system provides a passive or active controlled air path for their 4210 server racks, turning them into a chimney rack containment solution.

Chimney Rack Containment is another method to improve data centre cooling efficiency.  By isolating the hot air return path the ColdLogik CAP system prevents air recirculation and efficiently directs air into the ceiling plenum and back to the CRAC unit.

ColdLogik Passive CAPColdLogik Passive CAP

ColdLogik Active CAPColdLogik Active CAP

The ColdLogik CAP passive system purely relies on the data centre or computer room’s air conditioning to draw the air away from the rack and into the ceiling plenum.  To assist this transfer the ColdLogik CAP system can be converted, at any time, into an active system.  The front panel on the chimney can be removed and replaced with up to three self-contained fan cassettes, each with a purpose designed controller.  Each self-contained fan cassette unit comprises of a fan housing unit, an EC centrifugal fan, an electronic controller and a temperature sensor with wiring loom.  The backward curved centrifugal fans are capable of dispersing 1,050m³/h of air flow.

To gain the full benefit from the ColdLogik CAP system, or any other chimney rack containment system, it is important to prevent the hot air recirculating to, and escaping from, the front of the rack.  Therefore the use of blanking panels (to seal unused rack space) and air barriers (to seal the gap between rack sides and mounting rails) is very important to insure that the system is operating as efficiently as possible.

The ColdLogik CAP system helps future proof the infrastructure investment by allowing the user to upgrade the passive system to active units, enabling higher heat loads to be added to the server racks without compromising on the data centre’s design.

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