ColdLogik DAX System – Heat Removal IT Rack

ColdLogik DAX System – Heat Removal IT Rack

ColdLogik DAX

Directional Airflow eXhaust System

The ColdLogik DAX system (Directional Airflow eXhaust) is an effective heat removal IT rack that is designed to remove hot exhaust air from the rear of the IT rack and redistribute it to other areas in an energy efficient and controlled way.

Product Description

ColdLogik DAX – Heat removal IT rack that provides energy efficient heat removal and redistribution

The ColdLogik Dax system is a heat removal IT rack that provides an energy efficient way of removing heat from the rear of the IT rack and then redistributing it to other areas. This is achieved in a controlled way thanks to an intelligent monitoring system that continuously monitors the temperature and modulates the fan speed accordingly to ensure optimum performance.

The ColdLogik DAX system uses energy efficient EC fan technology which are controlled via the UTelligent FaEn (Fan and Environmental) controller so that the fans only go at the speed required to remove the heat. The DAX system uses an upgraded USpace 4210 19” rack, that has a solid rear door and the DAX system mounted on the top.

Room air conditioning systems consume vast amounts of energy, particularly in summer months, but when you add into the room a fully populated data comms cabinet it’s like adding a large electric radiator to the room. This means the air conditioning system has to work harder to maintain the required ambient air temperature. The solution to this problem, is to duct the hot air away from the cabinet and into another space be it a ceiling plenum, outdoors or reuse the hot air to heat another adjacent office. Reusing this hot air has its own energy saving benefits as it is ‘free heating’ which can be especially beneficial in winter months, so the DAX system can also allow the hot air to be put back into the room as well.

ColdLogik DAX can exhaust to the outside or to a wall plenumColdLogik DAX can exhaust to ceiling plenumColdLogik DAX can exhaust back into the room


ColdLogik DAX System Performance Benefits

The ColdLogik DAX system has been designed to work with one or two EC centrifugal fans. Each of these fans delivers 1075cfm, which in an average room temperature of 21°C equates to about 12kW hot air removal from a two-fan system. In most cases a single fan system would be sufficient but using a two-fan system provides greater redundancy, plus with two units working in tandem the fans rotate at slower speeds thereby using less energy and producing less noise.

  • Each system comes complete with an LED display, providing environmental information such as internal cabinet temperature, fan and thermistor status. In the event of a system fault this will also be displayed.
  • There is also a local audible alarm in the event of any failure.
  • Alarm status can be monitored on the network via SNMP.
  • On-board diagnostics.
  • Network option capability for remote monitoring, email notification inclusive of GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • Administration rights and user access rights.
  • Hot swappable fans.
  • Upgrade existing USpace 4210 Cabinets.

Features & Benefits

A substantial reduction in power consumption

  • Reduction on air conditioning usage.
  • Heat the office in winter months or other rooms/spaces with reclaimed heat.
  • Energy efficient EC fan technology.
  • Optimise hardware performance.

Capital cost reduction

  • Extended life span on room air conditioning and active equipment.

Environmental control and monitoring

  • The UTelligent FaEn (Fan and Environmental) control philosophy continuously monitors and modulates the fan speed dynamically adjusting to ensure optimum performance.

Built in redundancy

  • In the event of a system fault, the DAX unit will continue to perform uninterrupted until the fault can be fixed.

Local environmental display/diagnostics

  • Enables each unit to have current status viewed offering peace of mind that your system is working as required.


ColdLogik DAX System Data Sheet
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