EziBlank Universal 19in Rack Blanking Panel

EziBlank Universal 19in Rack Blanking Panel

Universal Rack Blanking Panel

6U Universal blanking panel solution

EziBlank 6U Universal rack blanking panel is designed to fit any EIA compliant 19” rack whether it has square or round mounting holes. Manufactured from high-quality, flame-retardant ABS plastic the 6U panel is snappable so that it can be resized to blank any unused rack space from 1U to 6U.

Product Description

EziBlank 19in Universal Blanking Panel

Rack blanking panel that fits any EIA-310-D compliant 19” rack

The Universal 19” rack blanking panel is part of a range of rack blanking solutions from EziBlank. Unlike the standard 19” 6U blanking panel, which only fits 19” racks with square hole mounting rails, the universal 6U rack blanking panel is compatible with any EIA-310-D 19” rack.


EziBlank Universal Blanking Panels Locking Mechanism


The panel features specially designed twist latches that are made from medical grade thermoplastic elastomer rubber that secure the panel to the mounting rails. The panel itself has moulded positioning studs that assist with the alignment of the panel making it easier to install regardless of the type of mounting hole.

Like other EziBlank panels the 6U panel can be resized at 1U intervals to the required size, simply by snapping off the required number of panels.

Why rack blanking panels are important?

The use of blanking panels in 19″ racks plays a vital role in Data Centre airflow management and are a part of cooling optimisation best practices.

Using blanking panels helps prevent the circulation of hot exhaust air from IT equipment back to the front of the rack where it can alter the temperature of the air cooling the equipment.

For more information on airflow management best practices read our blog ‘Optimise Cooling by following Airflow Management best practices

Features & Benefits

  • Universal tool-free mounting designed for ease-of-use an rapid deployment.
  • Robust, flame-retardant ABS plastic panel that meets the most demanding requirement.
  • Patented snappable design offers greater flexibility when applying on different sizes of RU height.
  • Scratch resistance textured surface that offers both aesthetic appearance and industrial durability.
  • Recyclable lightweight plastic that is both durable and environmentally friendly.



  • Dimensions – 270mm x 483mm x 19mm (6RU Panel).
  • Weight – 350g per panel or 3.5Kg per pack of 10.
  • Packaging – 500mm x 300mm x 130mm, 4.1Kg.
  • Material – Panel: Impact resistant, water resistant, anti-static ABS plastic. Latch: Ethylene Propylene Thermoplastic Elsastomer (EPTR).


  • Standards – EIA-310-D Mounting hole spacing.
  • Environmental – RoHs.
  • Toxicity – Non-Toxic and resistant to chemicals.
  • Flammability – Data Centre ready UL rated flame retardant ABS plastic.

Part Numbers

  • 46-EZIBLANK-UC – EziBlank 6RU Blanking Panel (Universal, Black, Pack of 10)
  • 46-EZIBLANK-UCW – EziBlank 6RU Blanking Panel (Universal, Whited, Pack of 10)


EDP EziBlank Universal 19″ Rack Blanking Panel Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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