Fujikura Spares and Consumables

Fujikura Spares and Consumables

Fujikura spares for splicing and cleaving

Despite the high usage life times of Fujikura Fusion Splicers and Cleavers some parts will require replacement. Fujikura spares and consumables are available to keep your Fujikura equipment operating efficiently and effectively.

Product Description

Spares and Consumables for Fujikura Splicers and Cleavers

Fujikura spares and consumables are available to keep your Fujikura fusion splicers and cleavers operating efficiently and effectively.

Splicer Sheath Clamps

Various splicer sheath clamps are available including the Fujikura sheath clamps CLAMP-S70 series which are used exclusively with the Fujikura 70S single fibre fusion splicer and the Fujikura 19S v-groove fusion splicer.

CLAMP-S70 series splicer sheath clamps
The CLAMP-S70 series of splicer sheath clamps are used exclusively with the Fujikura 70S and 19S fusion splicers. The series comprises of two types of splicer sheath clamps depending of the type of fibre and coating diameter. The table below details the specifications.

Applicable number of fibreSingle
Coating diameter100 to 3000 μm900 μm loose tube fibre
Cleave length5 to 16 mm5 to 16 mm
Fibre holdingMagnetic clamping
Sheath Clamp setting onto splicerSheath clamp is slotted onto the slide stage and secured with a screw
Dimensions42L x 29W x 26H (mm)
Weight35g for 1 pair
Use for70S/80S, 19S
** CLAMP-S70C is standard item for 70S/80S and 19S.

Splicer Electrodes

A pair of splicer electrodes are a key item as they generate the arc discharged for fibre splicing. The ELCT series is a range of splicer electrodes exclusively designed for the Fujikura fusion splicers.

Fujikura ELCT Series Splicer Electrodes
In order for Fujikura fusion splicers to perform properly and completely only genuine Fujikura spare splicer electrodes should be used. The ELCT series comprises of a range of splicer electrodes designed specifically for each model of Fujikura splicer. Supplied as a pair for the anode and cathode respectively. The table below details the electrodes available and which fusion splicer they fit.

ModelUse for
ELCT2-12FSM-12S, FSM-12R, SpliceMate (FSM-11R)
ELCT2-16FSM-30R, FSM-16S, FSM-16R
ELCT2-17FSM-15S, FSM-15R
ELCT2-20AFSM-70S, FSM-70R, FSM-19S, FSM-19R, FSM-60S, FSM-60R, FSM-18S, FSM-18R, FSM-50S, FSM-50R, FSM-17S, FSM-17S-FH, FSM-17R
ELCT3-25-LDFFSM-100P+, FSM-100M+

Cleaver Blades

Fibre cleaving plays a vital role in preparing fibre optic cables for splicing. Achieving a quality splice requires that the cleave to be done as cleanly as possible. Fujikura offer the CB-16 as a replacement, high precision fibre clever blade for the Fujikura CT-30 series, CT-20 series and HTC-20 fibre cleavers

Fujikura CB-16 Cleaver Blade
The Fujikura CB-16 is a replacement cleaver blade for the Fujikura high precision fibre cleavers within the CT-30 and CT-20 series, as well as the HTC-20 fibre cleaver. The CB-16 is 22mm in diameter and 2mm thick and made from sintered hard alloy. The blade has 16 rotation spots and has a blade life of 48,000 fibres (1000 fibres x 3 heights x 16 positions). The CB-16 blade has a cleaving angle of 0.5 degrees with single fibre.

The CB-16 fits the following Fujikura models: CT-30, CT-30A, CT-30B, CT-32, CT-38, CT-20, CT-20-11, CT-20-12, CT-22 and HTC-20.

Heat Shrink Protection Sleeves

Heat shrink protection sleeves are used to protect the spliced fibre cables. They provide a simple, convenient and reliable means to reinforce the area of fibre optic cables where a splice has been performed. Fujikura offer a full range of heat shrink protection sleeves, in a range of sizes and with either stainless steel or heat-resistant glass strengthening members. Part of this range is the popular FP-03 series.

Fujikura FP-03 Series Heat Shrink Protection Sleeves
The Fujikura FP-03 series of heat shrink protection sleeves are available in two sleeve lengths of 40mm and 60mm. The outer tube material is Polyolefin based on Polyethlene with an inner tube of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, the strengthening member is stainless steel. The FP-03 series is designed for single fibres and has a 3.1mm diameter after shrink. Recommended cleave lengths are 16mm for the 60mm sleeve and 10mm for the 40mm sleeve.


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