Hubbell Bonding & Grounding Cables

Hubbell Bonding & Grounding Cables

Hubbell Grounding Cables

For bonding IT equipment

Grounding and bonding plays a vital role within the data centre. Hubbell offers a range of grounding cables or bonding cables for connecting IT and other equipment to busbars and earthing systems.

Product Description

Hubbell Grounding and Bonding Cables part of Hubbell’s grounding solutions

Hubbell grounding and bonding cables are part of Hubbell’s overall grounding solutions that also includes busbars. Grounding plays a vital role in the safety procedure to not only protect personnel but also the installed equipment. Faults within lighting or power systems can result in large currents that create hazardous voltages within the installation. For this reason, data centres, IT rooms and communication rooms have an earthing system that enables the bonding of IT equipment, racks, frames, and other metal objects such as cable trays, water pipes, floor pedestals and metal floor tiles etc. Within IT racks the equipment can be bonded to busbar through the use of grounding cables or bonding cables.

Hubbell offers a complete range of bonding and grounding solutions which includes:

Coated Bonding Cables

Coated Bonding Cables

Hubbell Grounding Bonding Conductor Kits HGRKTDAxxDNBonding Conductor Kits include 6AWG copper wire with green insulation fitted with long barrel lugs that have inspection window. Supplied with Stainless steel mounting hardware, 14g tube of antioxidant and caution and GND labels.


  • 90” (2.28m) Cable with DA Lug (0.25” (6mm) hole size, 0.75” (19mm) hole space) to DN Lug (0.25” (6mm) hole size, 0.625” (16mm) hole space, 90° angle)


  • 60” (1.52m) Cable with DA Lug (0.25” (6mm) hole size, 0.75” (19mm) hole space) to DN Lug (0.25” (6mm) hole size, 0.625” (16mm) hole space, 90° angle)
Braided Jumper Grounding Cables

Braided Jumper Grounding Cables

Hubbell Braided Grounding Strap HGBBD12P/n: HGBBD12

  • 0.94” (23.8mm) x 12” (304.8mm) Braided jumper strap
  • 0.375” (9.5mm) hole size, 1.25” (31.75mm) hole space

These are just a small selection of Hubbell’s grounding solutions. If you have an exact requirement please contact our sales team.


Grounding & Bonding
This short video provides an overview of Hubbell’s grounding and bonding solutions.


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