Hubbell Cat6 Cat6A Low Diameter Patch Cords

Hubbell Cat6 Cat6A Low Diameter Patch Cords

Hubbell HCL Series Low Diameter Patch Cords

Hubbell HCL series patch cords are a range of Cat6 and Cat6A low diameter patch cords that reduce cable congestion in high density patching installations. By doing so these low diameter patch cords help improve airflow, cooling and patch cord management.

Product Description

Hubbell Low Diameter Patch Cords for Cat6 and Cat6A Applications

Hubbell HCL patch cords are a range of low diameter patch cords that have been designed for Cat6 and Cat6A applications. They have been designed to reduce cable congestion associated with high density installations in data centres and enterprise-level IT environments, wall mount enclosures and patching panels. As a result, these patch cords greatly improve airflow, cooling and cord management.

The HCL low diameter patch cords are designed to exceed TIA component limits for NEXT and Return Loss. They utilise #28AWG stranded conductors that are extremely flexible and easy to manage. This gauge is below current TIA-568 specifications and, as a result, these patch cords have an increased de-rating factors and limitations on PoE applications (see Application Notes tab).

An additional benefit in their low diameter improving cable management and airflow is the improvement in lowering switch operating temperatures.


  • Hubbell low diameter patch cords have over 50% cross sectional area reduction on Cat6A providing improved airflow.
  • High flexibility: stranded conductors with soft, flexible cable jacket provide easy cable management.
  • Plug optimised: allows for easy access to high density switch ports.
  • ETL Verified for TIA Component NEXT and Return Loss.
  • Designed to exceed TIA component NEXT and Return Loss values.
  • S-shield provides superior ANEXT control on Cat6A version.
  • Improved bend radius: 63% improvement on Cat6A and 40% on Cat6.
  • Reduced airflow resistance and improved cooling.
  • Over 30% reduction in weight puts less stress on cable support infrastructure.
  • Soft flexible cable for easy cable management.
  • Backwards compatible to lower categories.

Application Notes

  • De-rating factor:
    • Cat6A: 1.9
    • Cat6: 1.8
  • Maximum channel with PoE: 40m (131ft)
  • Maximum bundle:
    • 802.3bt = 24 cables
    • 802.3at = 48 cables

Part Numbers

  • Ascent Cat6A (O.D. = 0.186” NOM) – HCL6Axxyy
  • Ascent Cat6 (O.D. = 0.150” NOM) – HCL6xxyy

xx = Colour: BK (Black), B (Blue), GY (Grey), GN (Green), OR (Orange), P (Purple), R (Red), W (White) and y (Yellow)

yy = Length of 01, 03, 05, 07, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 feet.


EDP Hubbell CAT6 / CAT6A Low Diameter Patch Cords Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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