Hubbell iFrame Network Cable Management Solution

Hubbell iFrame

Provides an advanced network cable management solution

The Hubbell iFrame system is an advanced network cable management solution that provides 10% more rack space for network equipment whilst using less floor space than traditional network racks, and using a fifth of the parts thanks to its column design.

Product Description

iFrame advanced network cable management solution from Hubbell Premise Wiring

If you’re looking for an advanced network cable management solution then the Hubbell iFrame offers the perfect solution. This advanced network cable management solution is built around a column system that enables more network equipment to be installed in less floor space when compared to traditional network cabinets.

Hubbell iFrame enables your network equipment to be much more organised and results in a cleaner looking installation. The cornerstone of the iFrame network management system is a super strong 7’ (2.13m) high I-beam that is bolted to the floor every two feet (610mm). Network equipment is bolted between the columns while the network cable is run within the column. The result is an incredibly strong management system that no longer requires the need to tie the top of each rack to the wall for rigidity or leave the top or bottom of the rack empty as with traditional management systems.

The spacing of the columns enables alignment with floor tiles or ceiling grids making it easier to transit cabling to other internal equipment or external resources. A host of accessories enable cable management at the top and rear of the system, as well as cable management spools for further routing and concealment of cabling within the columns. Options for incorporating power into the system are also available, along with kits to enable spacing of the I-beams for mounting 23” equipment and covers to conceal cables within the I-beam.

iFrame® is a registered trade mark of Hubbell Premise Wiring.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra strong columns that mount every 2’ (610mm).
  • Columns align with floor or ceiling grid for easier cable transit.
  • Network equipment mounts between column whilst cable is managed within the column, resulting in a cleaner installation.
  • Streamlined covers conceal cables for a superior appearance.
  • For ultimate ease-of-use, covers can be hinged either left or right and cable spools can be locked as needed to maintain bend radius.
  • iFrame is an easy to install network cable management solution. Simply bolt the columns to the floor and screw the top plate into place.
  • iFrame is UL 1863 listed and has EIA 310-D compliant universal mounting.


  • Material: 14ga. Cold-rolled steel.
  • Finish: durable black powder coat.
  • Suitable for 400 front and 400 rear UTP cables.
  • Area: Front or rear = 25.5 in² (164.5cm²) / Total per column = 51 in² (329cm²).
  • Static load capacity: 1,400lbs (635Kgs).

iFrame Videos

iFrame Overview
This short video gives a brief overview to the Hubbell iFrame network hardware management system and some of its key features.

iFrame Installation
This video gives a more in-depth overview of the iFrame management system and the process required to install the solution.


EDP Hubbell iFrame Data Sheet
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