iAccess Computer Cabinet Door Security & Access Control System

iAccess Computer Cabinet Door Security & Access Control System

iAccess Rack Security

Computer Cabinet Security and Door Access Control System

iAccess is a computer cabinet security device that provides a stand alone cabinet door access control system. It’s 1RU dual powered, rack-mountable design utilises smart card access control technology and is ideal for use in data centres and remote IT rooms, thanks to its internal webserver that can be access via standard web browser. Alternatively, it can be integrated into any data centre remote management platform (NMS, BMS, DCIM etc.) that uses SNMP to provide a centralised access control system, which also offers a full SNMP Audit Trail.

Product Description

iAccess IT Cabinet Security System

iAccess providing computer cabinet security through smart card access control

The iAccess Controller provides stand alone computer cabinet security and uses smart card access control technology to grant users entry to the cabinet’s doors. The iAccess Controller is a dual powered 1RU rack-mountable device specifically designed as a computer cabinet door entry and access control system for use in data centres and IT rooms. Cabinet door access for authorised users is made possible through smart card access control thanks to the integrated programmable Wiegand card reader, or alternatively can be unlocked remotely via the inbuilt webserver accessed via a standard web browser, or via a remote management platform (NMS, BMS, DCIM etc.) through SNMP and the Voltage Free Contacts included with the locks. Access is also possible through standard key.

The iAccess Controller is also capable of monitoring the temperature and humidity of the cabinet through the optional use of two iSensorPlus sensors. If more environmental monitoring is required then there is the iSensor controller which provides 24 x temperature/humidity sensors with optional particle sensors and dry contact sensors also available. Whilst both iAccess and iSensor are stand alone solutions for cabinet access control and environmental monitoring their on-board webservers utilise the same software to provide a familiar interface. They can also both be integrated into any SNMP enabled remote management platform like a BMS or DCIM system, such as Sensorium, to provide centralised management. In Sensorium, the rack layout configuration enables data from both iAccess and iSensor to viewed, along with other data from SNMP enabled equipment within that rack such as PDUs, in one convenient screen.

Monitoring and configuring iAccess is possible either through the internal webserver or through SNMP resisters. Alerts and event notifications can be sent through SMTP e-mails which are generated when thresholds are breached or when contact status changes.

When integrated into a remote management platform iAccess not only provides SNMP trap information regarding lock and door status (locked/unlocked, open/closed) but also provides detailed information whether the access was authorised or unauthorised and by which method the door access was made through i.e. card reader or remote trigger through webserver or SNMP management system. This provides a full historical audit trail via SNMP so you’ll know who accessed which cabinet and when.

The optional cabinet LCD Keypad controller is designed to be installed around the standard iAccess cabinet door handles and as well as providing keycode entry provides a visual indication on the door status (locked/unlocked) but also provides environmental monitoring information when the iSensorPlus temperature / humidity sensors are also installed.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 x Computer cabinet door locks with Wiegand entry card readers – Supplied to allow controlled entry of both front and rear doors of a standard data centre IT cabinet. Access can be made via key, card or remote external control.
  • Optional iSensorPlus sensors – By utilising the optional 2 x iSensorPlus sensors, it is possible to monitor the temperature and humidity conditions within the cabinet.
  • Optional LCD Keypad entry – An optional LCD Keypad can be installed to the standard iAccess door handles to provide keypad entry. On top of this it also displays lock status and environmental monitoring data when used in conjunction with the optional iSensorPlus temperature/humidity sensors.
  • BMS Integration – BMS interface is made possible with isolated lock/door status Voltage Free Contacts and lock control inputs.
  • Monitoring/configuration via web browser and/or SNMP – Monitoring of the iAccess Controller is possible over an Ethernet network via internal webserver and through the use of SNMP registers.
  • E-mail notification – Event notification through SMTP e-mails are generated when thresholds are breached or contact status changes.
  • SNMP Traps – Event notification through SNMP Traps are generated when thresholds are breached or contact status changes.
  • SNMP Audit Trail – When integrated to a remote management platform (NMS, BMS, DCIM etc.) iAccess provides a full audit trail via SNMP, recording both authorised and unauthorised accesses. It provides a historical trail of who accessed which cabinet and the method used.


  • 2 x Cabinet door locks and Wiegand entry card readers.
  • Optional iSensorPlus Temperature & Humidity sensors.
  • BMS Integration via isolated lock/door status Volt Free Contacts and lock control inputs.
  • Network 10/100Mbps (Auto).
  • Configuration/monitoring options – Internal website and SNMP.
  • Power – Dual 240V IEC C13 (Max 0.5A).
  • LED – Power supply (A & B), Ethernet.
  • Dimensions – 1RU x 155mm depth.
  • Weight – 1.2Kg


EDP iAccess Controller Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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