IANOS Chassis for High Density Fibre Applications

IANOS Chassis for High Density Fibre Applications

IANOS Chassis

High Density, Scalable Sub-racks

IANOS chassis are high density scalable sub-racks designed to accommodate IANOS modules that provide the next generation of data rates. IANOS chassis is available in 1U and 4U sizes and mounts into standard 19” rails. IANOS chassis provides a truly modular and scalable fibre management system designed for switch and server connections.

Product Description

IANOS Chassis – Fibre Optic Management for High Density Fibre Applications

IANOS chassis provides fibre optic management for high density fibre applications with 72 ports per 1U of rack space. This extreme packing density reduces the total cost of ownership and allows valuable 19in rack space to be occupied with revenue generating active equipment. IANOS chassis has been specifically designed for server and switch applications. The 1U chassis is ideal for low to medium density, while the 4U chassis is for high density SAN switches.

IANOS chassis is constructed with three sliding trays on the left and right sides of the chassis. Each tray can be slid out independently for quick and easy access to patch cords, with minimum disruption to pre-installed cords. The split design of the IANOS chassis also facilitates separation of cables entering or exiting the chassis, enabling redundant cable paths to be created, with clearer identification of live / redundant traffic.

IANOS modules can be inserted from the front or rear of the chassis and it is possible to mix and match any of the IANOS single or twin modules in the same individual chassis. The central door system of the IANOS chassis further provides clear separation between the two sides of the panel, and prevents users from crossing fibres from one side of the chassis to the other.

IANOS Chassis Features

  • High density scalable sub-racks available in 1U or 4U chassis.
  • Provides quick and easy access to patch cords, with improved cable separation.
  • Up to 12 modules / 72 × ports (LC duplex/MTP) per 1U height space.
  • Single-handed handling of drawers and modules. Drawers and modules can be inserted or removed with one hand.
  • Horizontal opening front-door, separates redundant paths.
  • Labelling within front-door or as a slide-out system from within the chassis central dividing element, for clearer and faster identification.
  • Same modules for all IANOS EDR applications.
  • Optional rear cable manager with divider plate (left/right).

Technical Data

Rack Height1U and 4U
Mounting TypeStandard 19” rails
Dimensions (W x D x H)1U: 483mm x 328mm x 44mm
4U: 483mm x 328mm x 177mm
Weight1U: 3.6Kg
4U: 12.4Kg
MaterialChassis and Drawers: Stainless steel powder coated
Other Components: PC/ABS
ColourGrey housing (RAL7047) with Blue control elements
Capacity1U: Up to 12 x IANOS modules
4U: Up to 48 x IANOS modules
Density1U: Up to 72 ports (LC duplex / MTP)
4U: Up to 288 ports (LC duplex / MTP)


EDP HUBER+SUHNER IANOS® 1U / 4U Chassis Data Sheet
EDP HUBER+SUHNER IANOS® Zero U Chassis Data Sheet
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