KoldLok SplitLok Integral Floor Grommet

KoldLok SplitLok Integral Floor Grommet

KoldLok SplitLok Integral Floor Grommet

Latest KoldLok floor grommet for sealing cable cut-outs

Part Number: 46-4040 – KoldLok SplitLok Integral
The KoldLok SplitLok Integral is part of a new range of KoldLok brushed floor grommets; that also includes the SplitLok Square. The KoldLok SplitLok Integral floor grommet has an improved finish and an interlocking split frame from easier installation into new or existing cable openings.

Product Description

KoldLok SplitLok Integral

SplitLok Integral – The latest KoldLok floor grommet

The KoldLok SplitLok Integral is part of the latest range of KoldLok floor grommets designed to seal cable openings in data centre raised floors.

In measurements obtained from multiple data centres, on average 48% of conditioned air fails to reach the air intakes of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hot spots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. Find out more about these airflow management issues in our Guide to Airflow Management.

For many years now KoldLok products, manufactured by Upsite Technologies, have been the leading solution to addressing this type of bypass airflow and its detrimental effects on data centre cooling.

The KoldLok SplitLok Integral is the latest addition to the range of KoldLok products. This latest floor grommet features an interlocking split frame that fastens the two halves together. Its design makes for easier installation into new or existing cable openings, saving on installation labour time. It uses a new stronger material that provides better strength along with a new and improved smooth polished surface that has an area that can be written on (using a non-permanent marker) for better cabinet identification. The KoldLok SplitLok Integral continues to use the double-layer brush where the thicker lower filaments support the finer top filaments and have a sealing effectiveness of a static pressure of up to 0.10 inches of water column.

The optional KoldLok SplitLok Cover (part no. 46-10187) is available to seal the opening of the KoldLok SplitLok Integral while cables are waiting to be installed or cabinets moved into place. This safety plate promotes safety and helps decrease accidents from occurring.

Features & Benefits

  • Split frame with interlocking feature that fastens the two halves together.
  • Dry erase markable surface (non-permanent marker).
  • New and improved finish quality.
  • Stronger material – better strength.
  • Easier installation.
  • Smooth polished surface.
  • Increased ability to remove and replace tiles with edge cuts.
  • Reduced installation labour.
  • Ability to custom label grid location or cabinet identification.
  • Improved life span due to higher impact material.
  • Quick removal under low height cabinets due to interlocking design.
  • Easier to clean.

Product Dimensions

KoldLok SplitLok Integral

Length: 279mm (11”)
Width: 212mm (8.36”)
Height: 41.7mm (1.64”)


EDP KoldLok SplitLok Data Sheet
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