LiSA Fibre Ducting Components

LiSA Fibre Ducting Components

Huber + Suhner LiSA Raceway Components

Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Ducting / Fibre Raceway Components

The LiSA Fibre Raceway is a fibre ducting system that guarantees a secure and stressfree fibre management channel.  The fibre ducting system has been specifically designed to route fibre optic cables between different fibre optic distribution points.  Unlike conventional cable basket and ladder solutions, the Huber + Suhner LiSA Raceway system provides lateral support along the complete fibre length.

Product Description

Huber + Suhner LiSA Fibre Raceway – Fibre Ducting Components

The Huber + Suhner fibre ducting system provides a secure and stress free fibre optic cable management channel, allowing fibre optic cables to be distributed around a facility to the required distribution points. Unlike traditional cable basket and ladder solutions, the Huber + Suhner fibre ducting provides lateral support along the entire cable length. This reduces the risk of macro-bending and micro-bending of the individual fibre optic cables.  Curved fittings and all other interconnecting ducting components and specifically designed to prevent fibre optic cables from exceeding the minimum bend radius requirement.  The modular design enables project engineers to meet cable capacity requirements and future expansion needs.  The flexibility and simplicity of the LiSA Fibre Raceway ensures a cost effective installation for new or existing cable routes.

The LiSA Fibre Raceway has been designed to be compatible with other brands of fibre ducting, so allowing it to be used with other pre-installed ducting systems.

The LiSA system has a full range of components, including:

Huber+Suhner LiSA Main Duct Fibre Trunking
Part NumberDescription
81-100×100Fibre Ducting Trunk 100x100mm x 2m
81-160×100Fibre Ducting Trunk 100x160mm x 2m
81-100COVFibre Ducting Trunk Cover 100x100mm x 2m
81-160COVFibre Ducting Trunk Cover 100x160mm x 2m
Huber+Suhner Horizontal Fibre Duct Cross Section
  • Allows the connection of four fibre ducting pathways.
  • Connected to fibre ducting trunks using joiners.
Part NumberDescription
81-100XFour Way Ducting Cross 100mm
81-160XFour Way Ducting Cross 160mm
81-100XCOVFour Way Ducting Cross Cover 100mm
81-160XCOVFour Way Ducting Cross Cover 160mm
Huber+Suhner Horizontal T Fibre Duct
  • Used to branch off main fibre ducting route.
  • Connected using joiners.
Part NumberDescription
81-100TThree Way T-Junction Duct 100mm
81-160TThree Way T-Junction Duct 160mm
81-100TCOVThree Way T-Junction Duct Cover 100mm
81-160TCOVThree Way T-Junction Duct Cover 160mm
Huber+Suhner Horizontal Elbows
Huber+Suhner Horizontal Elbow Covers
  • Enables horizontal fibre pathways to change direction.
  • Connects to other ducting components using joiners.
Part NumberDescription
81-100L45Horizontal Elbow Duct 45° 100mm
81-160L45Horizontal Elbow Duct 45° 160mm
81-100L90Horizontal Elbow Duct 90° 100mm
81-160L90Horizontal Elbow Duct 90° 160mm
81-100L45COVHorizontal Elbow Duct Cover 45° 100mm
81-160L45COVHorizontal Elbow Duct Cover 45° 160mm
81-100L90COVHorizontal Elbow Duct Cover 90° 100mm
81-160L90COVHorizontal Elbow Duct Cover 90° 160mm
Huber+Suhner Vertical Down Elbows
Huber+Suhner Vertical Down Elbow Covers
  • Enables the fibre ducting to transform into a downward direction.
  • Uses joiners for connection.
Part NumberDescription
81-100D45Vertical Down Elbow Duct 45° 100mm
81-160D45Vertical Down Elbow Duct 45° 160mm
81-100D90Vertical Down Elbow Duct 90° 100mm
81-160D90Vertical Down Elbow Duct 90° 160mm
81-100D45COVVertical Down Elbow Duct Cover 45° 100mm
81-160D45COVVertical Down Elbow Duct Cover 45° 160mm
81-100D90COVVertical Down Elbow Duct Cover 90° 100mm
81-160D90COVVertical Down Elbow Duct Cover 90° 160mm
Huber+Suhner Vertical Up Elbows
Huber+Suhner Vertical Up Elbow Covers
  • Allows the fibre ducting to change direction upwards.
  • Jointer connection to other components.
Part NumberDescription
81-100U45Vertical Up Elbow Duct 45° 100mm
81-160U45Vertical Up Elbow Duct 45° 160mm
81-100U90Vertical Up Elbow Duct 90° 100mm
81-160U90Vertical Up Elbow Duct 90° 160mm
81-100U45COVVertical Up Elbow Duct Cover 45° 100mm
81-160U45COVVertical Up Elbow Duct Cover 45° 160mm
81-100U90COVVertical Up Elbow Duct Cover 90° 100mm
81-160U90COVVertical Up Elbow Duct Cover 90° 160mm
Huber+Suhner Top Outlets
  • Top Outlet allows cables to branch out of main fibre duct.
  • Can be placed at any user defined position on main fibre duct.
Part NumberDescription
81-100OUTTop Outlet 100x100mm
81-100OUTCOVTop Outlet Cover 100x100mm
81-100VOUTVertical Top Outlet 100x100mm
81-100VOUTCOVVertical Top Outlet Cover 100x100mm
Huber+Suhner Trumpet Outlet
  • For creating an opening at the end of a horizontal or vertical route.
  • Connects using Joiner.
Part NumberDescription
81-100TRUMPTrumpet Outlet 100mm
81-160TRUMPTrumpet Outlet 160mm
Huber+Suhner Fibre Ducting Reducers
  • Used to connect different sizes of fibre ducting.
  • Requires the use of joiners to connecting to the fibre ducting.
Part NumberDescription
81-160/100RReducer 160mm To 100mm
81-160/100RCOVReducer Cover 160mm To 100mm
Huber+Suhner End Cap
  • End caps are used to seal off the ends of fibre ducting horizontal or vertical routes.
Part NumberDescription
81-100CAPEnd Cap 100mm
81-160CAPEnd Cap 160mm
Huber+Suhner Fibre Trunking Joiners
  • Joiners are used to connect main fibre ducts to elbows, junctions and outlets.
  • Supplied with retaining screws.
Part NumberDescription
81-100JOINJoiner Coupler 100x100mm
81-160JOINJoiner Coupler 100x160mm
Huber+Suhner LiSA Fibre Ducting Accessories
  • Support brackets for top outlet.
  • Fastening bolts for connecting support brackets.
Part NumberDescription
81-BOLTFastening Bolt
81-KITExtension Support Kit


H+S Fibre Containment Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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