M12 Cable Tester for Industrial Ethernet Cable Testing

M12 Cable Tester for Industrial Ethernet Cable Testing

WireXpert M12 Cable Tester Adapter Kits

WireXpert M12 cable tester adapter kits are available for the WireXpert 4500 and WireXpert 500 cable testers and enable the testing of Industrial Ethernet Cable.

Product Description

Industrial Ethernet Cable testing with the WireXpert M12 cable tester adapter kits

WireXpert’s Industrial Ethernet Cable testing solution comes in the form of two M12 cable tester adapter kits. Both channel and permanent link configurations with M12 industrial Ethernet connectors are supported. Separate M12 adapter kits are available for two-pair (D-Coded) and four-pair (X-Coded) industrial Ethernet testing.

WireXpert is the first cable certification tester with full support for X-Coded industrial Ethernet cabling testing. These industrial Ethernet cable test kits feature adapters with high performance TERA interface and test cords terminated with M12 test connectors. This approach provides greater flexibility particularly when confronted with space restricted industrial outlets as the test equipment does not need to be directly attached to the link or channel under test. This also helps prolong the longevity of the adapter because after extensive use only the worn-out test cords need to be replaced, not the adapter. This flexible architecture enables testing of M12 channels, permanent links and end-to-end links, including hybrid links such as M12-RJ45. Selection of test limits is easy, including PROFINET limits, it also supports user-defined test limits for specific applications. Comprehensive reporting can be achieved via the eXport software.

WireXpert M12 adapter kit features:

  • Testing of M12 channels, permanent links, end-to-end links or hybrid links (M12-RJ45).
  • Easy selection of test limits including PROFINET limits.
  • Support for user-defined customised test limits.
  • Selection of 2-pair or 4-pair configurations.
  • Seamless reporting in eXport software of test results.
  • Cost effective replacement of worn out test cords.


M12 Cable Tester Adapter Kit Data Sheet
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