Optipack Fibre Trunk Cables and Cable Harnesses

Optipack Fibre Cable Systems

Optipack fibre cables provide the backbone for data centre cabling infrastructure. Available as fibre trunk cables or fibre cable harnesses, across a range of fibre sub-units that can be deployed as Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24, Optipack is an integral part of the IANOS fibre management system.

Product Description

Optipack High Density Multi-stranded Fibre Cables

Optipack fibre cables are available as fibre trunk cables or as fibre cable harnesses. Optipack fibre trunk cables are high density multi-stranded cables designed to form the backbone of your fibre cabling infrastructure. Available in various fibre counts up to 144 fibres, Optipack trunk cables reduce installation time by consolidating multiple sub-units into a single cable. This drastically reduces the overall diameter of the cable and provides better space utilisation within cable routing ducting.

Optipack trunk cables are available with 8, 12 or 24 fibre sub-units and enable deployment of Base-8, Base-12 or Base-24 cable infrastructures to meet their MTP connectivity requirements. Optipack trunk cables are constructed from 2mm or 3mm miniature fibre strands which are then over-sleeved with a secondary jacket, providing strength and robustness within the backbone, but flexibility and space saving within the equipment rack. Bend radius is also optimised in both multimode and singlemode cables and maintains optical performance even in a bend radius of 15mm.

Optipack trunk cables are available with MTP to MTP or LC to LC connections and form the backbone of the fibre optic infrastructure. Equipment connections are provided through equipment harnesses that can be MTP to LC, MTP to MTP or LC to LC.

Optipack Trunk Cable Features

  • Fibre trunk cables provides fast access and high packing density.
  • MTP Optipack trunk cables combine high fibre-count jackets with compact flexible inner strands.
  • Easier cable handling.
  • Base-8 ready. Optipack trunks are availble with 8 fibre strands to 96 fibres to provide the most future-proofed backbone for higher data rates.
  • Colour coded boots on the connector provide a visual aid to the installer that only compatible MTP connectors are mated.
  • Optipack cables have a reduced cable diameter.
  • When Optipack cables are combined with IANOS patching modules it provides a means for simpler upgrades.

Optipack Cable Harness Features

  • Optipack equipment harnesses are made to measure and designed to match perfectly to most switches.
  • Optipack harnesses have extremely small furcation housings that eliminate the housing blocking access to adjacent ports.
  • Furcation housings are short in length so that the bending radius of the cable away from the equipment is not compromised.
  • Optipack harnesses are numbered with clear identification clips behind each duplex connector boot.
  • Different colour schemes are used for odd and even numbers for easier port identification.


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