Packet Power – Busway Power Monitoring

Packet Power Busway Power Monitoring

A wireless power monitoring solution for busway systems

Packet Power’s wireless power monitoring solution provides a wireless power monitoring solution for busway systems.

Product Description

Busway Power Monitoring from Packet Power

The Packet Power Busway Power Monitoring solution utilises Packet Power’s wireless power monitoring system and is the only true plug and play power monitoring solution for busway systems that avoids the constraints and complexity of wired power monitoring systems.

Like the Packet Power Smart Cables and Environmental Monitoring nodes, the power monitors for busway systems are automatically recognised and instantly added to the Packet Power monitoring network.  There are no difficult set-up requirements and the system can be easily installed on new or existing busway systems from any manufacturer.

The Packet Power monitoring system uses a self configuring wireless mesh network that is secure, reliable and provides high accuracy.  Monitoring your busway system is easy with all the power information centralised through an Ethernet Gateway module that requires just one IP address to monitor 250 devices.  The captured data is available via Packet Power’s EMX portal, SNMP or Modbus protocols depending on which Ethernet Gateway is being used.

Packet Power Busway monitoring offers different installation options

Installation Options

The Packet Power Busway monitoring solution has a number of installation options allowing it to work with a wide variety of manufacturers and both new and existing busways. With tap-off modules Packet Power can be incorporated through a smart cable that has a plug and receptacle, a hard wired smart cable or integrated inside the enclosure of the tap-off module. Where the busway is end fed Packet Power can be an integrated unit or externally mounted adjacent to the end feed enclosure.

Packet Power Busway Power Monitoring is available to work with mulitple vendors

Key Features

  • Integrates with any manufacturers busway; easy to retrofit or new installation options.
  • Power monitors form a self configuring network for simple installation with automatic recognition of new devices.
  • Only one IP address required to monitor up to 250 end feeds and tap-offs.
  • SNMP or Modbus support for integration to third party BMS or DCIMs.
  • Web based monitoring available immediately after deployment.
  • Ultra secure wireless network; not accessible by other commercial networks.

Packet Power Solutions Include:


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