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Ethernet Gateway

The Ethernet Gateway, now on its forth generation, forms the heart of the Packet Power wireless monitoring system. What makes the Packet Power monitoring system different from other power and environmental monitoring systems is the easy of use and the scalability of the system.

Product Description

Ethernet Gateway

The heart of the Packet Power wireless power and environmental monitoring system

The Ethernet Gateway, from Packet Power, is the central point for the Packet Power wireless monitoring system. The Ethernet Gateway provides the link from which the collected environmental and power usage data can be accessed via the Packet Power EMX Energy Management Console or 3rd party DCIM or BMS applications.

A single Ethernet Gateway can support a network of up to 150 Packet Power monitoring devices.  Adding additional Packet Power Smart Cables or Environmental Monitoring nodes is simple; the self configuring mesh network will automatically detect and configure the new devices.  Multiple Ethernet Gateways can be utilised to add redundancy or increase capacity and will automatically balance the network load.  The Ethernet Gateways also aggregate information from all monitoring devices into a single IP address making network management simpler.

Packet Power Ethernet Gateway version 4 forms a wireless mesh network.

Packet Power’s self-configuring mesh network makes installation simple. Adding new monitors and gateways is easy as the system automatically configures and manages itself. Because the system determines the optimal path for every transmission, performance stays consistent even as the network grows. The unique wireless monitoring protocol is different than WiFi or Zigbee and was purpose-built for data centres. It uses 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies that can only be used for monitoring. It allows for a complete separation of the wireless monitoring network from the wired data network, supports full encryption and is certified for use worldwide. The resulting mesh network is more resilient and secure than other systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses a purpose-built wireless protocol to maximise security.
  • Standard unit supports up to 150 Packet Power environmental and power monitors per Gateway, with limited version supporting 30 devices.
  • Automatically adapts when monitoring units are added or removed.
  • Multiple Gateways can be added to increase network capacity and provide redundancy.
  • Automatically balances loads when new Gateways are added.
  • Advanced Modbus integration supports thousands of monitors per site.
  • Virtual IP address capability simplifies SNMP integration.
  • “Master” capability simplifies integration in multi-Gateway installations by making all data accessible from one Gateway.
  • “Monitor” mode allows data to be shared selectively across two completely isolated Ethernet networks.
  • Provides a sophisticated panel circuit mapping tool.
  • Supports wireless firmware updates to all monitoring devices.
  • Includes bracket for standalone mounting or the use of standard DIN rail, cable ties or adhesive pads.

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