PlenaForm – Under Raised Floor Air Baffle

PlenaForm Under Raised Floor Air Baffle

PlenaForm is a flexible, snap together, under raised floor air baffle system designed to fit onto the raised floor pedestals, and control the flow of under floor cold air.

Product Description

PlenaForm Under Raised Floor Air Baffle

Part Number: 49-PF-2448-12

PlenaForm is a flexible, snap together, air flow baffle system, that fits under Data Centre raised floors and helps to solve dynamic thermal imbalances within the data centre. Used to create dedicated “hot and cold aisles” under the raised floor, PlenaForm® increases the static pressure, delivering a higher volume of cooling through perforated tiles and at a further distance from the CRAC units.

PlenaForm® air baffle system is scored both vertically and horizontally so sections can be removed or added onto to meet any height or width requirement. All angles of bend radius may be attained, including inside and outside mounting to raised floor pedestals. Continuous punch out hole pattern allows attachment to any style raised floor pedestal at any height or width location with cable ties. It also allows areas to be removed to allow cable trays, pipes etc to pass through it. PlenaForm® air baffle system is die cut from a flame retardant polypropylene compound that is inert, non-conductive and non-hygroscopic.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Install – Right Out of the Box!

  • Control and balance data centre airflow
  • Separate hot aisles from cold aisles under the raised floor
  • On-site configurable (width and height)
  • Fits ANY raised floor pedestal
  • Reduces energy comsumption and operating costs
  • An inert, non-conductive and non-hygroscopic material
  • Flammability rating of UL V-0 per UL94
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • An energy saving and thermal tuning tool


PlenaForm Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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