Quad Rac Data Tape Storage Racks

Quad Rac Data Tape Storage Racks

EDP Quad Rac

The Quad Rac from EDP Europe is a double density data tape storage rack that is available as a single or double sided unit. Each side has four independent one pack wide sliders. Media Storage pacs are available for storing 3590 style cartridges or LTO / DLT media tapes.

Product Description

Quad Rac Tape Storage Racks From EDP Europe

For greater data tape storage  in minimal space, EDP offers Quad Rac the double density data tape storage rack that has four independent one pack wide sliders. Originaly designed for 3480/90 tape storage, the Quad Rac is now also compatible with the Auto Pac module for DLT/LTO. These data tape storage racks are available in single or double-sided units, and provides high density media tape storage in areas with limited space.


  • Manufactured from furniture gauge steel, which is backed by a two-year warranty.
  • To ensure high quality and effortless gliding, the slider units have precision moulded casters and DuPont Delrin® guides.
  • The Quad Rac data tape storage rack is virtually maintenance free and ships completely assembed, ready to accept tape cartridges.


  • 5 Auto-Pacs wide by 6 high, with 4 independent 1 pack wide sliders, either as a single or double-sided unit.
  • Single-sided units store 1,080 3480/3490 cartridges, whilst double-sided units store 2,160 3480/3490 cartridges.
  • LTO / DLT Quad stores 864 (Single-sided) or 1,728 (Double-sided) cartridges.


Quad Rac Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure

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