Power IQ DCIM Monitoring Solution

Power IQ DCIM Monitoring Solution

Raritan Power IQ®

DCIM Monitoring Software

Power IQ®, Raritan’s DCIM Monitoring solution , enables Data Centre and Facility Managers to closely monitor and efficiently utilise their current power infrastructure. Power IQ provides data centre health maps, power analytics, cooling charts and reports that alert to potential issues and helps understand real time power loads, trends and capacity at all levels of infrastructure. Power IQ has a configurable dashboard that provides views of power capacity, environmental health and energy consumption.

Product Description

Raritan Power IQ®

Data Centre Power Monitoring Software

Power IQ®, Raritan’s DCIM Monitoring solution , enables easy management of Data Centre and facility energy, power and environment. Being efficient with power and cooling resources is just as important as maintaining uptime in today’s Data Centre environment. Power IQ software, from Raritan, provides a DCIM monitoring solution that gives the required information and control needed to utilise existing infrastructure resources, and alerts to possible issues before they cause downtime. Power IQ can be deployed as a standalone DCIM solution or integrated with dcTrack® DCIM Operations to provide full asset and change management.

Power IQ functionality scales to match enterprise requirements, enabling secure monitoring of all your data centres, computer rooms or labs. Monitor CRACs, UPS, PDUs, RPPs, Meters, Branch Circuits, Racks, Rack PDUs, Environmental Sensors and other IT devices all from a single web browser. Power IQ is vendor neutral and support devices from major manufacturers.

Power IQ™ is available in two platforms either as a VMWare Virtual Appliance or as a Raritan Hardware Appliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Management – Power IQ monitors and measures the energy usage from the facility including building meters, UPS, floor PDUs, RPPs, busways and rack PDUs. Enabling a better understanding of energy usage and helping identify areas where savings can be made.
  • Environment Management – Power IQ provides an environment management solution helping to identify potential trouble areas and assisting in
    maintaining a safe environment for IT equipment. Power IQ combines with the power of the Raritan PX intelligent PDUs to provide temperature, humidity, airflow and air pressure.
  • Power Management – When coupled with a Raritan PX that monitors down to individual outlets Power IQ manages power to individual servers.
  • Vendor Agnostic Mangement – Through one web browser PoWer IQ enables management of any SNMP metered device and supports many products from leading manufacturers.
  • Centralised Rack PDU Management – Consolidate the names, polling status, locations, models and firmware of rack PDUs onto one screen.
  • Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Guage and Chart – See real time PUE by automatically collecting data from building feeds, IT loads and non-IT loads.
  • Reporting and Monitoring – Power IQ has a user configurable dashboard displaying real time updates for power and environmental health, rack cooling performance, energy capacity, forecasts and consumption, weather services, maps, video and more.
  • Smart Rack View – Provides a one click access to rack power, cooling, humidity, airflow, events and more. Power IQ can drill down to see detailed information about the rack contents.
  • Data Centre Health Map – A real time interactive data centre health map warns of issues such as hot spot formation, SLA violations, over charges and loss of redundancy. Set thresholds, receive alerts and increase uptime and availability.


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