Turtle Case – Waterproof Transit Cases

Turtle Waterproof Transit Cases

The Turtle® family of transportation cases includes a range of ATA certified waterproof transit cases.  These waterproof transit cases are ideal for all sensitive electrical components from media tapes to laptops, camera equipment to medical equipment.

Product Description

Waterproof Transit Cases from Turtle

Turtle a leading produce of media transport cases now offer a range of ATA certified waterproof transit cases. These waterproof transit cases provide the ideal solution for transporting sensitive electrical components, electrical equipment or media storage tapes / drives.

The Turtle waterproof transit cases are available in different sizes and are supplied with either a diced foam insert or a preformed foam insert for specific sized media such as LTO tapes or hard drives. The cases feature powerclaw locking latches, soft grip handle and padlock eyelets for extra security.


Powerclaw locks on Turtle Case Waterproof Cases
  • The Turtle Waterproof Case series comes with the choice of foam inserts. Stocked items will be two layers of pluckable diced foam or with preformed slots for LTO/DLT tapes or 3.5″ Hard Drives.
  • Cases have an effective seal making them waterproof and dustproof.
  • The waterproof cases have an automatic pressure relief valve.
  • Impact resistant and crushproof.
  • 100% Stainless steel hardware.
  • The waterproof cases have double padlock eyelets for extra security. (padlocks or security seals not included).
  • Powerclaw latching system.
  • Softgrip foldable handle.
Turtle Case Waterproof Cases - Ideal for computer and camera equipment

Dimensions & Empty Weights

Small Pluckable / 5 Capacity Hard Drive & LTO Cases

  • 391mm x 307mm x 173mm
  • 2Kg

Medium Pluckable / 10 & 20 Capacity Hard Drive / 20 & 30 Capacity LTO Cases

  • 503mm x 406mm x 193mm
  • 3.22Kg

Large Pluckable

  • 551mm x 429mm x 216mm
  • 3.81Kg

33 Capacity Hard Drive / 52 Capcity LTO Cases

  • 638mm x 505mm x 224mm
  • 4.81Kg

Universal Waterproof Cases

Small Universal Waterproof Case


Medium Universal Waterproof Case


Large Universal Waterproof Case


LTO / DLT Waterproof Cases

Medium LTO / DLT Waterproof Case


Hard Drive Waterproof Cases

Small Hard Drive Waterproof Transit Case


Medium Hard Drive Waterproof Case


Medium Hard Drive Waterproof Case - 20 Hard Drives


Security Options For Turtle Cases

4 dial brass combination padlock for securing Turtle waterproof transport cases

Four Dial Brass Combination Padlock

Four dial 40mm brass combination padlock for securing Turtle waterproof media transport cases

Pack of 100 Security Seals

Security Seals

Pack of 100 security seals for sealing Turtle media transport cases.

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