TZ Centurion Port Link Expansion Modules

TZ Centurion Port Link Expansion Modules

TZ Centurion Port link modules extend the TZ network

The TZ Centurion™ rack access control system uses the Port Link and Multi Port Link modules to provide dynamic and cost effective expansion of the TZ Centurion™ system.

Product Description

TZ Centurion Port Link Expansion Modules

The TZ Centurion Port Link modules provide a dynamic and cost effective way to expand the TZ Centurion™ rack access control system. There are two models of TZ Centurion Port Link available a single port single device, and a Multi Port Link that adds up to four devices.

These interconnecting modules enable networking of TZ locking and environmental monitoring devices, as well as providing a continuation of data and power connections.  The TZ Centurion™ Port Link and Multi Port Link units connect to the TZ Centurion™ Bridge.

TZ Port Link

TZ Centurion™ Port Link – Features & Benefits

  • Provides connection for one TZ device, plus RS-485 and power connections for the continuation of the TZ network.
  • On-board screw terminals for auxiliary I/O devices such as inputs for sensor devices and outputs for other accessories like fans.
  • Small form factor which can be easily mounted.
  • LED power indicator.
TZ Multi Port Link

TZ Centurion™ Multi Port Link – Features & Benefits

  • One Multi Port Link module can provide power and serial data connection for up to four TZ devices.
  • Provides four additional I/O connectors for connection to auxiliary devices such as TZ Sensors™ for economical environmental monitoring and third party devices such as fans.
  • Flexible mounting options.


TZ Port Link Data Sheet
TZ Multi Port Link Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure

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