TZ SwingHandle – Electronic Locking Swing Handle

TZ SwingHandle – Electronic Locking Swing Handle

TZ SwingHandle™

Electronic Locking Swing Handle For TZ Rack Security System

TZ SwingHandle™ is a new innovative electronic locking swing handle range for data centre cabinets that offers true flexibility. Like other electronic locks in the TZ rack access control range, the TZ SwingHandle™ uses a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator to provide secure, traceable rack security.

Product Description

TZ SwingHandle™ – Electronic Locking Swing Handle

The TZ SwingHandle™ is an electronic locking swing handle that offers true flexibility for securing data centre cabinets. The TZ SwingHandle™ range consists of three models:

  • TZ SwingHandle™ – TZ Ready – is a manual locking swing handle that provides an upgrade path to a fully intelligent TZ electronic lock via an in-situ, simple to install electronic upgrade module. Standard security is provided via a Euro profile key lock.
  • TZ SwingHandle™ – CombiLock™ – similar to the TZ Ready, the TZ SwingHandle™ – CombiLock™ provides an upgrade path to a full TZ electronic rack security system. Standard security on this model is provided through a CombiLock™.
  • TZ SwingHandle™ – TZ Enabled – is a fully electronic locking swing handle that is complete with the same features as the TZ SlideHandle™ including SMA actuator, controlled release option, multi-colour visual door status indicator, electronic door status sensor and emergency keyed release.

The TZ SwingHandle™ can be installed wherever a standard swing handle is currently used and enables a one-off installation of rack hardware, such as cams and push rods to support regular functionality.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple surface mount design that can be fitted by OEM cabinet manufacturers.
  • Fits many cabinet brands with mounting hardware suitable for industry standard 25mm wide swing handle openings, eliminating the need for on-site door modifications.
  • Simple electronic upgrade path to a full electronic locking swing handle using the electronic upgrade module.
  • Compatible with currently available single-point, multi-point and split door latching.
  • Mechanism provides industry standard action, both left and right.
  • Incorporates manual Euro profile key over-ride lock, or CombiLock™.
  • Sturdy glass filled nylon and cast zinc construction.

TZ SwingHandle™ Part Numbers

Standard Lock Version – TZ Ready

Part NumberDescription
48-113106.01TZ SwingHandle™ (Mechanical Unit)
48-113107.XXEuro Profile Lock Cylinder
48-113108.XXEuro Profile Lock Cylinder Key

CombiLock™ Version

Part NumberDescription
48-113109.XXTZ SwingHandle™ CombiLock™
48-113110.XX TZ SwingHandle™ CombiLock™ Key

Electronic Upgrade Module

Part NumberDescription
48-113106.02TZ SwingHandle™ Electronic Upgrade Module

Electronic Locking Swing Handle Complete – TZ Enabled

Part NumberDescription
48-113106.03TZ SwingHandle™ Electronic Complete


EDP TZ SwingHandle™ Data Sheet
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