WireXpert Coax Cable Tester Adapters

WireXpert Coax Cable Tester Adapters

Coax Cable Tester Adapter

Coax Cable Tester Adapter from WireXpert

The coax cable tester adapter from WireXpert provides a solution to test coax cabling providing a wide RF measurement frequency range of 1 – 2,400MHz.

Product Description

WireXpert’s unique solution for testing coax cable

Testing coax cable has been made easier thanks to the unique coax cable adapter that turns the WireXpert 4500 and WireXpert 500 into a coax cable tester. Offering a wide RF measurement frequency range of 1 – 2,400MHz and an auto-test that takes 15 seconds, the unit is capable of both dual-ended and single-ended testing. It is also possible to customise test limits for insertion loss and return loss for specialised applications, enabling rapid detection of weaknesses and disruptions within coaxial cabling systems.

With the coax cable test adapters installed the WireXpert cable tester supports the testing of coaxial cables for attenuation and return loss using various test parameters including:

  • Insertion loss v/s frequency.
  • Return loss v/s frequency.
  • Measured from both ends in dual-ended mode.
  • For single-ended mode, a remote termination is required.
  • DC resistance.
  • Length.


Coax Cable Tester Adapter Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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