WireXpert MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit

WireXpert MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit

WireXpert MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit

MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit for WireXpert 4500 Network Cable Certifier

The MPO / MTP test adapter kit from WireXpert enables testing of MPO / MTP cabling on the WireXpert 4500 network cable certifier. This MPO / MTP test solution enables data centre managers, technicians and installers to quickly and accurately assess the quality of MPO / MTP cabling.

Product Description

Fast and Accurate MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit for Cable Testing

Using the WireXpert 4500 network cable certifier in conjunction with the MPO / MTP test adapter kit enables fast and accurate testing of MPO / MTP cabling and components. A typical configuration would consist of the WireXpert Local unit setup with the MPO / MTP Power Meter adapter with the Remote unit fitted with the MPO / MTP Light Source adapter. Alternatively, a Multi Mode test adapter can be attached to the WireXpert Local unit for testing individual fibres within MTO / MTP links. This solution provides fast and accurate measurement of MPO / MTP link loss and testing against user configured limits.

The MPO / MTP test adapter kit helps perform incoming inspection of MPO / MTP components such as trunk cables, fan-out cables and cassettes. A key feature of this solution is a 5 second autotest that detects the fibre connection map and the measurement of loss on each fibre.

The WireXpert MPO / MTP test adapter kit enables:

  • Tests MPO / MTP using the WireXpert WX4500 network cable certifier enabling easy troubleshooting of connection problems.
  • MPO / MTP Autotest in less than 5 seconds.
  • Reporting is integrated in eXport software together with standard single fibre and copper test results.
  • Tests MPO / MTP-to-SC/LC links for end-to-end loss measurement on individual fibres.
  • Tests connectivity from MPO / MTP to individual fibres.
  • Allows configuring the number of active fibres in MPO / MTP, making it possible to test custom links, including 8 fibre links.
  • Automatically identifies connection type as type A, B, C or customised.
  • Allows reference settings with any connection type.
  • Displays absolute power level and loss on each fibre.


General Specifications

Autotest5 seconds
Test parametersLoss per channel in graphical and tabular format type of link (A,B,C, or custom),
PASS/FAIL against standard / user set limit
MPO link configurationsAll 12 fibres or user selected fibres
Test ConfigurationsMPO-MPO
MPO-SC/LC (requires multimode fiber adapter WX_AD_MM on local unit)

MPO Source adapter

Fibre/connector typeMultimode MPO (type A, pinned)
Wavelength830nm – 860nm
Measurement requirementsThe measurements are taken using a 50µm multimode fibres in accordance with the TIA/EIA-455-203 (FOTP-203) standard test requirement.

MPO Power Meter adapter

MPO Power Meter adapterFibre/connector type multimode MPO (Type A pinned)
Input optical power level at saturation-1.0dBm
Loss measurement dynamic range0-15 dB
Loss measurement accuracy+- 0.2dB


MPO / MTP Test Adapter Kit Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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