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Upsite Technologies has Sliding Doors added to their AisleLok Modular Containment product range. AisleLok Modular Containment is the industry’s first modular out-of-the-box aisle containment solution that can be easily installed and altered as the computer room evolves. The Sliding Doors provide an easy way to seal end of row aisles thanks to their unique Magswitch® technology.

AisleLok Sliding Doors

Easy Install AisleLok Sliding Doors for End of Aisle Containment

AisleLok Sliding Doors, from Upsite Technologies, provide an easy way to enclose end of row cabinets, and are suitable for use in either Hot Aisle Containment or Cold Aisle Containment applications. They are suitable in a variety of sizes for aisles from 4ft to 8ft (1.2m to 2.4m) wide, for  rack heights of 42U to45U and can be easily installed, removed and relocated as the Data Centre or computer room changes or evolves. They can be used in both raised floor and slab-style environments.  Transom Windows can be added to the top of the doors to enable use with taller racks.

Sliding doors are available to fit aisles that are 6ft (1.8m), 7ft (2.1m) or 8ft (2.4m) wide.

The AisleLok Sliding Doors have been designed to offer a tool-less installation process, thanks to the exclusive Magswitch technology and provide an elegant appearance with a smooth operation and durable construction.

The AisleLok Sliding Doors provide an alternative solution to the AisleLok Bi-Directional Doors for enclosing the ends of aisles, and compliment the AisleLok Baffles used for Cold Aisle Containment and Hot Aisle Containment that enable the maximum benefits of airflow management best practices. The doors are designed to close with gravity, and have large polycarbonate windows that provide good visibility into the aisle for increased safety and security.

An optional Transom Window can be used with the Sliding Doors to increase the effective height and provide a more finished look.

This solution can be used in new build and retrofit Data Centres with the Sliding Doors available in either Black or White and in two sizes. For situations where one cabinet is not present the Sliding Doors will also work with the Upsite Adjustable Mounting Post (P/n: 46-10169).

Features & Benefits


  • End of aisle containment for either hot or cold aisles.
  • Solution for new builds and retrofit data centres.
  • Modular design accommodates aisles up to 2.49m (8′ 2″) and any cabinet 1.93m (76”) and higher.
  • Entirely tool-less installation with exclusive Magswitch technology.
  • Doors slide closed with gravity.
  • Available in Black or White.


  • Reduces IT equipment intake temperatures, improving equipment life & reliability.
  • Tool-less design allows for easy installation, removal and re-installation.
  • No drilling required in racks or cabinets.
  • Containment installed in minutes without the need for contract labour.
  • Sizeable see-through door panels, increase safety and security.
  • Facilitates the reduction of operating costs by improving thermal efficiency.



Sealing Effectiveness

  • Designed for aisles from 1,165mm (3’ 10”) to 2,489mm (8′ 2″) in width. Custom solutions can also provide benefits for wider aisles.
  • Works with a variety of cabinet heights as long as the Magswitch magnets can attach.
  • Sliding Doors are suitable for most enclosed cabinets with steel side panels.
  • Sliding Doors will also work with the Upsite Adjustable Mounting Post (P/n: 46-10169) for applications where a cabinet is not present.

Panel Flammability Rating

The Upsite Technologies® Sliding Door components have been designed with a variety of flammability rated materials (UL 94 HB, or UL 94 V-0, or FM 4910). The architecture of the Sliding Doors was designed to be compliant with data centre fire codes. Approval for using any AisleLok® Modular Containment solution may vary significantly at country or local level. As with the installation of any containment method, the final approval for compliance resides with the local authority having jurisdiction.


  • 6’W Sliding Doors – 80” x 4.63” x 84.47” (2032 x 118 x 2146mm).
  • 7’W Sliding Doors – 92” x 4.63” x 84.47”  (2337 x 118 x 2146mm).
  • 8’W Sliding Doors – 104” x 4.63” x 84.47” (2642 x 118 x 2146mm).

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
46-11155-6506’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, Black
46-10155-7507’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, Black
46-10155-8508’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, Black
46-11255-6506’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, White
46-10255-7507’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, White
46-10255-8508’W Sliding Doors x 42U-45U, Pair, White

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PDF Downloads