Sonic Edge EdgePod Micro Data Centres

Prefabricated, Modular, Micro Data Centres
Sonic Edge EdgePod Modular MDC

Sonic Edge EdgePod Micro Data Centres are specifically designed for Edge and on-premise locations supporting, as standard, up to 100kW of critical load and can be deployed in the harshest environments.

Edge Computing moves the points where data is processed and stored closer together, removing reliance on centralised Cloud locations. Doing so reduces latency, increases processing power, improves performance and bandwidth all of which delivers better user experience and reduced costs.

Where facilities have no internal space for a dedicated Data Centre or Computer Room, deploying prefabricated Micro Data Centres is a real alternative.

Sonic Edge EdgePod

EdgePod MDCs are designed to operate autonomously and are built to the desired Tier level classification to support business requirements and SLAs. They can be designed and deployed in weeks enabling quicker deployment than traditional methods.

EdgePod is factory built and tested from a standard range of sizes and products, that allows for a short design, fast fabrication, build cycle and factory testing with a quick and easy site installation.

Key Features:
  • Capacity from 50kW to 600kW.
  • 5 to 10 rack configuration.
  • Rapid deployment, typically within 12-14 weeks.
  • Built to suit project requirements.
  • DX, chilled water and immersion technology.
  • Mulit-tenant or single use occupancy.
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