Sonic Edge SuperMax Modular Data Centre

Tier-3 Prefabricated Modular Data Centre
Sonic Edge SuperMax Modular Data Centre

Sonic Edge SuperMax is a Tier-3 level prefabricated Modular Data Centre that can go from design to fully commissioned in around six months.

Edge Computing moves the data points from where it is created, stored and processed closer together, removing reliance on centralised Cloud locations. Doing so reduces latency, increases processing power, improves performance and bandwidth all of which delivers better user experience and reduced costs.

If a facility has no internal space for a dedicated Data Centre or Computer Room or needs to build another Data Centre rapidly, deploying a prefabricated Modular Data Centre is a real alternative.

Sonic Edge SuperMax

SuperMax Modular Data Centres enable the design, construction and commissioning of a Tier-3 level Data Centre in a fraction of the time usually required when compared to traditional build methods.  This allows customers to accelerate their Data Centre build projects in most cases by up to 50%.

Key Features:
  • Tier-3 level Data Centre designed and commissioned usually within 6 months.
  • 30+ Year lifespan.
  • 20 to 100+ rack configurations
  • Modular design allows it to be built to any shape, size or configuration
  • Vendor neutral infrastructure and capital equipment options
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