Can a wireless monitoring system really work in a data centre environment?

Can wireless monitoring provide a reliable and secure way to monitor power and environmental conditions within a data centre or other IT environment? With so many systems communicating across the airways is it possible to add wireless monitoring without polluting data?

In a previous blog, entitled ‘The Importance of Monitoring IT Energy Usage’, we looked at some of the solutions on market that provide a means of monitoring power usage and environmental conditions. Most of these were hard wired solutions that require physical cable connections to transmit data. The exception was the wire-free solution provided by Packet Power.

The Packet Power solution works in a different way, it uses a self-configuring wireless mesh network that automatically configures and manages itself. Each monitoring node, be it a smart power cable or an environmental monitor, communicates to its nearest neighbouring device and determines the optimal path for every transmission back to the Ethernet Gateway; the only part that is hard wired to the data network. As a result performance stays consistent even as the network grows, or when nodes are removed or moved.

Wireless monitors make it quicker, simpler and more cost effective to populate a facility. Standard wireless protocols such as WiFi or Zigbee, however, often suffer from poor performance and stability issues. The Packet Power solution, however, is different the mesh network was purpose built for working in data centre and IT environments.

But how does this mesh network work and how secure is it?

The Packet Power mesh network has been built on 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies and designed for optimal performance in data centres which have been a difficult environment for wireless systems due to the amount of metal and ‘noise’. It also leverages dynamic routing, and with small packet sizes remains stable even in hostile and rapidly changing wireless environments. And because the Packet Power wireless monitoring solution uses its own purpose-built protocol it doesn’t allow it to be hijacked for other purposes, it’s limited solely to power and environmental monitoring. With Packet Power monitoring nodes being on their own separate, unique network they are not visible to devices using protocols such as WiFi or Zigbee. The data provided by the Packet Power system supports full encryption, but even so existing users have concluded that the information being provided over the wireless network is simply not sensitive.

In conclusion, it is possible to have a secure and reliable wireless monitoring solution within a data centre environment. If you’d like to know more about the Packet Power solution or discuss a requirement you have contact our sales team today.