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EDP Europe are Experts in Data Centre Solutions with 30 years experience. EDP Europe supply Data Centre Solutions to our clients that helps improve their efficiency in connectivity, airflow management & cooling optimisation and security and support them through the life-cycle of their Data Centre.

Data Centre Solutions EDP Europe Can Assist With

EDP Europe builds on its 30 years of experience, to provide a wealth of knowledge and a broad portfolio of leading Data Centre Solutions to optimise the overall performance of our customers’ data centres and enterprise IT environments. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe offers technologies and solutions that can support the life-cycle of your critical IT environments to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.


EDP Europe works with leading vendors to supply the latest solutions in copper and fibre network infrastructure.

Aisle Containment

EDP Europe delivers bespoke Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment systems, as well as offering the out-of-a-box AisleLok Modular Containment solution.

Cooling Optimisation

EDP Europe provides various products to improve airflow management at Raised Floor, Rack and Row levels. That enable cooling optimisation improvements to be made at Room level.

Raised Floor

EDP Europe offers a dynamic raised access floor system that provides high lateral stability and provides up to 25% more equipment on the same footprint as compared to traditional floor systems.

PDUs, Security & Monitoring

EDP Europe offers bespoke basic & intelligent PDU power solutions, along with security systems that meet PCI compliancy. Proactively manage and monitor your Data Centre.


EDP Europe can supply a wide range of 19″ racks, including: Custom built, server cabinets, network racks, wall boxes and specialist racks including: chimney, co-location, water cooled and soundproof cabinets.

Aisle Containment Solutions

Aisle Containment is a proven data centre solution for improving airflow management. EDP Europe offers the following types of aisle containment:

Cooling Optimisation Solutions

Following airflow management best practices in the data centre, helps enable cooling optimisation. As part of our data centre solutions portfolio EDP Europe offer a range of solutions to help improve air management and aid cooling optimisation:

Raised Floor Solutions

EDP Europe’s raised floor solution is slightly different from a traditional pedestal system…

PDU Solutions

EDP Europe’s PDU Solutions are custom designed and offer our clients a bespoke solution that matches their exact power requirements. We offer a range of basic PDUS that include three phase PDUs, along with intelligent PDUs that offer overall power metering, outlet metering and even remote outlet switching if requirement. Billing for power used? No problem we also offer MID Approve power metering.

Security Solutions

EDP Europe offer a range of security Data Centre Solutions. From IT security cages to the latest in rack security systems, that proactively manage the security of individual racks. Enhance this further with the inclusion of bio-metrics and in-rack CCTV.

Rack Solutions

At EDP Europe we realise that one rack doesn’t fit all. So, as well as offering racks from leading manufacturers Rittal and uSystems, we also offer our own range of bespoke designed racks, built to meet the exact requirements of our clients. As well as standard server racks and network cabinets, EDP Europe can also supply chimney racks, co-location racks, wall boxes, soundproof cabinets and water cooled solutions. We also provide micro data centres for the latest EDGE computing requirements.

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