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Locking IEC C13 Power Leads

Power Leads - IEC-Lock - Locking IEC Power Leads

IEC-Lock is a range of specially designed locking IEC C13 power leads that provide a simple way of securing a power lead to any electrical appliance that uses an IEC type mains power lead. The unique female C13 connector connects to the electrical device in the same way as any other IEC power lead. Once fitted the special, yet simple, locking mechanism ensures that the power lead cannot be accidently disconnected. If the power lead needs to be removed the lock is released by pulling back the red tab. For additional security some cables are available with a tamper-evident seal that covers the release catch, which has to be removed first to access the release catch.

IEC-Lock Locking IEC Power Leads, connect in the same way as standard IEC Power Leads, except to remove them you need to release the red tab first
  • Protection of computer equipment and servers from accidental disconnection helping to protect valuable data
  • Ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration where standard connectors may become accidentally disconnected
  • Suitable for various Data Communications applications that require a secure power source
  • Unique 'Patented' Female C13 connector 'IEC-Lock'
  • Suitable for use with 'Any' standard IEC inlet
  • IEC-Lock power leads available to UK Plug, European Schuko Plug, C14 Plug and bare-end
  • Loose coiled to avoid permanent kinks and ensure tidy installation
  • IEC-Lock moulded to leads are currently available with cable lengths to bare-ends with variable colour options enabling a number of custom options / various re-wireable plugs to be fitted
Locking IEC C13 Power Leads