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Data Centre Solutions For Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Since being established in 1990, EDP Europe Limited has been delivering high quality, innovative infrastructure solutions to the IT & data centre industry across the UK and EMEA for more than 25 years.

In today’s data driven economy, demand for increased data processing power, data storage, and cloud services is driving the need for more and more data centre capacity, faster IT systems, and improved efficiency. New corporate and multi-tenant data centre facilities are being constructed to support this demand, and existing or legacy data centres are being refurbished to achieve improvements in efficiency across both facilities (energy efficiency) and IT (service delivery). Data management, privacy, efficiency, and compliance with corporate, industry and regulatory standards are contributing to a constantly evolving landscape. The need to ensure your infrastructure meets not only the requirements for today but for tomorrow and beyond has never been greater.

EDP Europe builds on its many years of experience, to provide a wealth of knowledge and a broad portfolio of leading edge systems to optimise the overall performance of our customers’ data centres and enterprise IT environments. From design & build to ongoing operational management, EDP Europe offers technologies and solutions that can support the life-cycle of your critical IT environments to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.

If you are looking for ways to improve the overall performance of your data centre or enterprise IT space please contact us or call +44 (0)1376 510337 to find out how EDP Europe can help.

Supporting Data Centre Life-cycle

Constant and rapid changes in technology mean that IT infrastructure needs be to future proof in order to support ever increasing demand for service. EDP Europe provides a range of solutions that improve the efficiency, security, compliance and performance of your data centre or IT room at whatever stage of the life-cycle your environment is at.

Design & Build

Data Centre Design and Build

EDP Europe specialises in physical infrastructure solutions critical to the early stages of successfully designing an efficient, secure, responsive new build or refurbished IT environment. Making sure that best of breed solutions are considered at this early design stage will ensure that the data centre or IT room will be constructed in such a way that it will operate optimally and efficiently throughout its entire life-cycle. Starting from the fundamental aspects of the building architecture and cooling design, EDP Europe can assist across many aspects of a data centre’s construction and fit out, including: Permanent hot aisle containment (HAC), cold aisle containment (CAC), raised access floor (RAF), high density copper and fibre structured cabling, 19″ IT racks, power distribution units (PDUs), power management and environmental monitoring, access control, and asset tracking.


Data Centre Optimisation

Optimising how data centres are cooled and clearly defined airflow management (AFM) strategies can have an enormous and immediate positive effect on cooling efficiency that can help cut energy costs significantly. EDP Europe leads the way in providing airflow management solutions that help drive cooling optimisation, improve energy efficiency and contribute to significant cost savings. From conducting cooling surveys to highlight areas where improvements can be made, to installing aisle containment systems, EDP Europe offer a host of solutions to optimise cooling systems including: KoldLok the leading solution for sealing cable openings in raised floors, blanking panels for sealing unused 19” rack space, Triad airflow grilles for improving the delivery of cold air in front of IT racks and a range of modular and bespoke aisle containment systems.


Data Centre Management

Once operational, EDP Europe can assist with a range of technologies to make day-to-day management of the data centre or IT space easier and more efficient. Systems available from EDP include: remote power monitoring and management, environmental monitoring, 19” cabinet access control, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM), asset tracking, and remote server management utilising the latest KVM switch technology.


Data Centre Security

With ever tightening regulatory controls and compliance requirements (e.g. PCI/DSS, FCA, GDPR, Webtrust), focus on information security and data protection has never been greater. However, physically securing, controlling and reporting of access to, and the movement of IT equipment is often overlooked or a secondary concern. To help organisations mitigate this risk EDP Europe offers multi layered security solutions that protect IT equipment installed in 19″ racks including retro-fitting rack access control, biometric access control, in-rack CCTV, and asset tracking solutions.

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