Supply Chain Services

Off-site inventory management, logistical and operational support services

Supply Chain Services & Operational Support

EDP Europe’s Supply Chain Services help our clients better manage their operations by driving efficiencies across inventory, logistics and supply chain management, allowing them to focus on their core commercial activities.

EDP Europe offers a number of supply chain services to its clients ranging from inventory management programs to providing operational support resources. These services help our clients streamline procurement decisions and processes enabling them to remove or defer certain costs associated with supply chain and complex project management, therefore improving efficiency and cash-flow.

EDP Europe’s Supply Chain Services are especially useful when managing multi site roll outs and complex project deployments, where implementation schedules dictate aggressive deadlines. EDP Europe can support its clients in simplifying, speeding up, and reducing risk in their supply chain so that they can focus on their key deliverables and meeting project milestones.

Supply Chain Services Offered

  • Vendor Inventory Management (VIM) – Have the right stock in the right place at the right time. EDP Europe will manage inventory held at the customer site or at EDP Europe’s facility and ensure stock levels are maintained against agreed SLAs.

  • Consignment Inventory – EDP Europe can provide materials at either the customer site or its own facility on consignment. You have the product you need, where you need it, while reducing your risk.

  • Kitting – EDP Europe’s Kitting Services simplify procurement and project management. Multiple products are consolidated/kitted under one part number by EDP, and delivered to site, labelled with job specific details that clearly indicate where the materials are needed. On site waste is reduced and project completion accelerated by reducing the number of packages arriving at site and consolidating materials for each job within specific kits.

  • Sales Operation Support – EDP Europe can also provide additional Sales Operation resources to customers needing to scale up their operations rapidly. EDP Europe’s sales operations support services can encompass everything from providing warehousing and inventory management through to customer service and sales support.

EDP Europe provides a full range of services and product solutions that helps increase the efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security of our clients’ mission critical IT environments.

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