Thermal Audit

Thermal audit to aid data centre cooling optimisation

Thermal Audit For Data Centres & IT Rooms

Conducting a Thermal Audit can provide insights and baseline data from which areas for improvement can be identified and steps taken to achieve improved data centre cooling optimisation.

Cooling Data Centres requires significant amounts of energy and is one of the biggest areas where cost savings can be made through increased energy efficiency. Many data centres or IT rooms are over-cooled to combat issues such as hot spots or bypass airflow. As well as supplying a range of airflow management solutions that help companies follow the best practices laid out in the 4Rs of Airflow Management, EDP Europe also offer a Thermal Audit that can help identify key areas where improvements can be made.

EDP Europe can provide an initial ‘lite’ thermal audit to provide insights into the thermal performance of your data centre from which your cooling optimisation project can be initiated. Our value added services can range in scope, from a light snapshot using thermal imaging tools, to longer term environmental monitoring and base-lining programs, and CFD analysis.

Thermal Audit Services Include

  • Survey of each row of cabinets using thermal assessment tools to take temperature readings of racks, grilles and other areas to identify problem areas.
  • Full depth survey of cabinet rows using thermal camera to clearly identify problem areas where hotspots or bypass airflow issues are occurring.
  • Production of a Cooling Capacity Factor report that compares the total rated cooling capacity of running cooling units to the estimated heat load.
  • Advanced survey to extract data for analysis using computational fluid dynamics – CFD analysis.
  • Recommendation of solutions to improve airflow management that will help enable changes to be made at CRAC unit level to improve energy efficiency.

EDP Europe is a market leader in solutions for improving airflow management within Data Centres and IT Rooms. Working closely with leading manufacturers to offer proven solutions that help airflow optimisation including Upsite Technologies the manufacturers of KoldLok grommets, HotLok blanking panels and AisleLok aisle containment solutions; and a leading authority of airflow management best practices.

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