Data Centre Aisle Containment Systems

Advanced Hot & Cold Aisle Containment Solutions For Data Centres

EDP Bespoke Aisle Containment Solutions

The use of aisle containment systems within Data Centres and Enterprise IT environments is a recognised solution to improve the cooling of high-density server installations and assist the optimisation of cooling systems that can lead to energy efficiency gains.

EDP designs, manufactures and installs bespoke aisle containment systems for use in retrofit, new build and hyper-scale projects.

By using aisle containment to segregate hot and cold aisles, it enables better management of both conditioned cold air delivery and the return of hot exhaust air. Utilising an aisle containment system reduces the risk of cold and hot air from mixing, lowers by-pass airflow and helps prevent air re-circulation – all of which contributes to cooling optimisation & increased energy efficiency.

There are two recognised aisle containment methodologies:

Cold Aisle Containment

Where the cold aisle is enclosed so containing the cold air that cools the IT equipment.

Hot Aisle Containment

Where the hot aisle is enclosed, and the hot exhaust air is either directed into the return plenum and back to the CRAC units or is cooled by In-Row Coolers.

Feature & Benefits

  • Non-intrusive, bespoke and retrofitting solution, that can be used in new build, retrofit or hyperscale projects in Enterprise or Colocation Data Centres.

  • Scalable & Modular, systems can be floor standing or suspended from ceiling.

  • Engineering, production and installation teams in UK, Europe & USA for global support.

  • Optimise efficiency by preventing the mixing of hot and cold air.

  • Custom designed solutions that use infill panels to seal round obstacles, differing rack heights or maintaining gaps for future rack expansion.

  • Our project management team will survey your site, then produce 2D drawings and 3D renders of the proposed system.

  • Using Augmented Reality clients can ‘walk through’ their proposed solution within their Data Centre, prior to deployment to see how it integrates with other infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Turn-Key Solutions

  • Customisable

  • Rack Independent

  • Data & Power Services Integration

  • High Quality Reliable Doors

  • Full 1200mm Wide Door Opening

  • Synchronised Sliding Doors

  • Hold Open & Soft Close Features

  • Custom Branding & Colour Options

  • FM Approved Roof Panels

  • Rapid Deployment

  • In Aisle LED System

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