Critical Facility Cleaning

Data Centre cleaning & other specialist services

Critical Facility Cleaning Services for Data Centres & IT Environments

EDP Europe offers critical facility cleaning, including data centre cleaning and other specialist services, via Critical Facilities Solutions (CFS), part of the EDP group.

The team at CFS UK has over 20 years experience in providing data centre decontamination and contamination control services.

Data Centres, and other IT environments, are designed to host the sensitive IT equipment that forms the backbone of an organisation’s network infrastructure. As a result, any unscheduled downtime will be detrimental to business continuity and potential loss of revenue. To therefore maximise uptime and availability, and to avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties the facility should be regularly cleaned.

To ensure your Data Centre is free from the risks associated with airborne contaminants, have us perform an air integrity audit, a deep clean, or raised floor replacement.

Data Centre cleaning is a must for conscientious organisations. Dust, dirt, sand, pollen, human particulate and other contaminates build up from internal and external sources. If this is left unchecked these particles can effect the IT equipment by causing heat to be retained or worse fail. Power efficiency also decreases as active equipment needs to work harder to keep the environment or itself cool.

Critical facility cleaning is vital for IT equipment and other hardware to provide optimal performance.

Critical Facility Cleaning Services Include

  • Data Centre Cleaning – Bespoke cleaning services for tenant or client sites from the construction stage right through to fully populated and live with cleaning to ISO14644-1 available.

  • Zinc Whiskers – With this service we help identify, trace, test, confirm and control Zinc Whiskers. Once confirmed we can remediate or replace infrastructure and manage the Zinc Whiskers as part of a bespoke cleaning package.

  • Raised Access Flooring – Full range of raised access flooring services including new installations, live replacement, repairs, strengthening, levelling and much more.

  • Passive Fire Protection – Comprehensive range of passive fire protection solutions and services from surveying and locating open apertures to remediating with the appropriate solution.

  • Testing & Consultancy – Independent consultancy services on Data Centre contamination management and control in four main areas: design phase, construction, building and fit-out and live Data Centres with environmental assessment and testing.

As well as providing data centre cleaning, EDP Europe offers a range of other services and product solutions that help our clients improve the efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security of their facility.

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