Installation Support

Installation support services for EDP Europe product solutions

EDP Europe’s Installation Support Services

EDP Europe offers installation support services assist in the on-site deployment of the products and solutions we provide.

Due to the array of technologies and solutions EDP Europe brings to market, and their varying levels of complexity, EDP Europe offers installation or configuration support for all products. EDP Europe’s installation support services range from basic remote support to on-site assistance and full turn-key installation of our products.

The level of installation or configuration varies greatly depending on the complexity of the products involved. EDP Europe’s installation support services are available to assist you right across our portfolio of solutions from blanking panels and KoldLok raised floor grommets through to cold aisle containment and complex technology based systems such as TZ rack security, iAccess and Sensorium DCIM which require a greater level of installation and configuration.

EDP Europe Installation Support Services

  • Pre-installation site surveys identify potential issues prior to installation.
  • Installation of cold aisle containment and hot aisle containment.
  • Technical solutions such as rack security, intelligent PDUs, environmental monitoring etc. require more expert installation and configuration which EDP Europe can provide.
  • Expert knowledge of our products and solutions greatly reduces the complexity of the installation and configuration process.
  • On-site training of customers and end users.
  • CAD Drawing support for our media storage products ensures the room layout is suitable for the proposed solution.

With over 30 years of experience within the Data Centre and Enterprise IT market EDP Europe prides itself with its level of customer service to support the vast range of solutions we supply. Solutions that help our clients improve the efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security of their facility.

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