Blanking Panel Solutions

Reduce Hotspots & Hot Air Recirculation in Data Centre Racks

EDP Rack Blanking Panel Solutions

The use of blanking panels in Data Centre racks plays an important role in improving airflow management and helping to optimise cooling.

Good airflow management in the Data Centre requires the separation of cold air, used to cool the IT equipment, and the hot exhaust air coming from the equipment. For this reason cabinets are laid out in a hot aisle cold aisle configuration. However, this alone does not prevent the different air streams from mixing.

One stage in improving airflow management is to seal the gaps between installed IT equipment. Blanking Panels, therefore, play a vital role in preventing hot exhaust air migrating to the front of the rack where it can mix with the cold air, causing hotspots and other cooling issues.

EDP distributes three leading solutions to blank out unused rack space:

EziBlank Logo

EziBlank Blanking Panels

Tool-less, 6U Blanking Panels that can be easily resized to the required RU amount.

HotLok Logo

HotLok Blanking Panels

Easy to install 1U & 2U Blanking Panels.

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PlenaFill Blanking Panels

27U Blanking Panel sheets that can be resized to fit space. Requires fixings.

Feature & Benefits

  • Using Rack Blanking Panels to seal unused rack space prevents hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of racks where it can mix with cold air, or be drawn into air intakes.

  • Preventing hot air entering air intakes can help improve IT equipment reliability & lifetime.

  • Following airflow management best practices as an improvement plan can lead to energy efficiency gains.

  • Optimise efficiency by preventing the mixing of hot and cold air.

  • EziBlank 6U Blanking Panels feature a tool-less design and can be snapped to the required sized. Quick and easy to install.

  • HotLok 1U & 2U Blanking Panels feature built-in finger grips for easy handling and cantilever vanes that provide a touch-tight seal against equipment and other blanking panels.

  • PlenaFill 27U Blanking Panels sheets provide a quick way to seal large areas of unused space. They are scored at 1U intervals for easy resizing, require fixings to install in racks.

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