High-density VSFF connectors save space, reduce costs & deliver high performance

HUBER+SUHNER’s VSFF connectors (Very Small Form Factor) are the latest solution to enable Data Centre operators to future-proof their fibre connectivity for future growth. VSFF offer a high-density, space-saving and high-performance connector.

With Data Centre space and costs at a premium, optimising their performance is vital if operators are to meet growing data demands whilst still being able to maintain profitable services. With data rates of 200G, 400G and 800G becoming more of a requirement, a new way of servicing these requirements is needed.

The introduction of VSFF connectors provides a solution that not only meets the requirements needed now but leaves ample room to scale-up to meet future demands. This latest connector allows a three times higher port density than traditional LC connectors.

VSFF connectors are a complementary product to the HUBER+SUHNER portfolio and will be available alongside existing MTP and LC connector technologies. For instance, in situations where the use of MTP is unacceptable but the requirement for density, modularity and cleanliness are an issue then VSFF connectors provide the ideal solution.

What are VSFF Connectors?

There are two types of VSFF connectors: the SN connector manufactured by SENKO and the MDC connector produced by US Conec. These new connectors satisfy the market’s demands for space-saving connectors that are less sensitive to manipulation and dirt while maintaining high performance. With the well-known and safe ferrule technology used the new connector does not allow dirt or dust on the surface that would affect insertion loss performance. They can be easily and quickly cleaned using simple, standard equipment. The Push-pull mechanism makes for easier handling and enables safe, fast connections to be made without snagging. Both connectors provide high-density with up to 6 connections in one SC-shaped adapter and allow direct access to each individual channel. The MDC connector provides further flexibility by allowing the polarity of the connector can be changed on-site within seconds without the need for any tools. Markings on the front of the MDC connector indicate the polarity in use.

For more information on these latest connectors and how they can benefit your fibre connectivity please contact us.

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