Data centre cleaning is vital and now provided by Critical Facilities Solutions in the UK, Europe and Middle East (EMEA)

Data Centre cleaning and other facility services have been available in the USA by EDP Europe’s sister company Critical Facilities Solutions for 25 years. With a proven track record in the sector their services have been extended to cover the UK, Europe and Middle East with the launch in the UK of Critical Facilities Solutions Limited (CFS UK).

CFS UK is headed up by two seasoned industry professionals who between them have a combined experience within the data centre cleaning sector of almost 45 years. Mike Meyer joins as Managing Director, while Gary Hall, who also serves as Chairperson for the UK’s Data Centre Alliance’s anti-contamination committee, joins as Operations Director.

Meyer says the team has incomparable knowledge and expertise, he commented: “CFS, with its international footprint, high standards, proprietary processes and long history of success, is well situated to continue its significant growth and be a part of the continued efforts to increase data centre cleanliness and efficiency, lowering their costs and ensuring the safety and health of all its personnel.”

Hall added “The methodology in technical cleaning has moved on significantly over the last few years – not only in the innovation of the equipment that is used to clean critical facilities, but also the approach to delivery and the advancements in site technologies and airflow management. We follow a carefully documented process that ensures an exceptional outcome that meets the highest standard of performance.”

The two directors have gained a reputation within the Data Centre cleaning industry for focusing on optimal operations to eliminate foreign elements within the data centre or IT room environments that can decrease a facilities performance, cause damage or even an outage. With their extensive knowledge and experience the pair provide both creative and time-tested solutions for meeting a Data Centre’s established goals.

In concluding Meyer added: “From cleaning to live floor replacement, firestopping to product supply, construction to refurbishment, CFS has the demonstrable experience to deliver the optimal outcome for its clients.”

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