Celebrating 30 Years

A lot happened in 1990.

Amongst other things the demolition of the Berlin Wall began, communism was collapsing behind the Iron Curtain and the Cold War was coming to an end, England lost to Germany on penalties in the World Cup semi-final, Margaret Thatcher resigned after 11 years in office, Microsoft had just released Windows 3.0, the Macintosh Classic was launched, TAT-08 (the first transatlantic fibre optic cable) was carrying data at speeds of 20MB/s, and Tim Berners Lee created the first web server at CERN, laying the foundations for the World Wide Web.

It was of course, also the year in which EDP Europe was established.

Back in 1990 our focus was on creating a channel across Europe for EDP USA manufactured products. In the early years this consisted of labelling systems for identifying and managing storage media, technical furniture, and media storage solutions. To this day we continue to manufacture and supply some of these solutions.

During the course of the past 30 years, much like the markets it has served, EDP Europe has constantly evolved. From its early beginnings importing and reselling EDP USA manufactured products, to becoming the European leader in the production and supply of media identification and storage racking systems, then moving into physical IT infrastructure and cooling optimisation solutions, to today delivering physical layer solutions and services into large complex projects, we have never stood still.

EDP Europe’s offering may have changed dramatically over the years but we have always striven to provide our customers with a great experience, to add true value in their supply chains, and to stay relevant. We achieve this by establishing long term relationships with core technology partners, offering flexibility through custom & bespoke solutions, and providing exceptional customer service.

With a broad portfolio of physical layer solutions and services focused on Data Centre and Enterprise IT environments, EDP Europe is well positioned to support its customers throughout the lifecycle of their critical environments, helping them to increase efficiency, resiliency, flexibility and security.

As we celebrate turning 30, we would like to thank all of our customers, our technology partners and the team here at EDP Europe for all that they have contributed to our success over the last three decades. Many of the customers we work with today did not exist in 1990, some have been a part of our journey since day one. It is perhaps testament to EDP Europe’s ability to react to an ever changing market with new solutions and a valuable proposition that we are increasingly relevant to our customers today.

It’s in the DNA of EDP Europe to find best in class solutions that exceed our customers’ requirements, afterall it’s in our name – Engineered Data Products (EDP).

We are looking forward to continuing our journey and supporting our customers through the technology cycles that present themselves over the coming years – we hope that you will be a part of our future.

Thank you.

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