EDP Europe Limited, Witham, Essex

About EDP Europe

Established in 1990, EDP Europe has been delivering high quality, innovative products and technologies to the UK & European IT industry for 30 years.

EDP Europe specialises in providing physical infrastructure data centre solutions designed to optimise the performance and efficiency of its clients’ data centres and enterprise IT environments. From conception to design & build and ongoing operations, EDP Europe brings a wealth of experience, and quality high performance physical solutions to support its customers throughout the life cycle of their critical IT environments. We provide solutions to assist our customers in the following key areas:

Thermal Management, Cooling Optimisation & Energy Efficiency: Cold Aisle Containment, Hot Aisle Containment, EZIBLANK, KoldLok, HotLokAisleLok Modular Containment, PlenaFill, PlenaForm, Triad, RackSEAL, SwitchAir, and ColdLogik.

Racks & Structured Cabling Systems: U-Systems, Retex, Rittal, METZ CONNECT, and Huber+Suhner.

Power Distribution & Monitoring: EDP, iPower, Server Technology, Geist, Packet Power, Raritan, Austin Hughes, and Jacarta.

IT Security, Asset Tracking & Compliance: TZ IXP, Bio-metric Swipe Card, and Enasys.

Data Centre Peripherals: Server Lifters, Crash Carts, Rose Electronics, and Technical Furniture.

Media Storage: Russ Basset, EDP, and  Turtle.

If you are looking for ways to improve the overall performance of your data centre or enterprise space please contact us or call +44 (0)1376 510337 to find out how EDP Europe can help.

EDP Europe is headquartered in Witham, where it manages all sales and distribution activities. Globally, EDP Europe has sister companies in New York and Colorado, USA.

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