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Security Solutions For The Data Centre

EDP Europe’s Data Centre Security Solutions serve to protect the facility and its contents from unauthorised access. Without proper data centre security measures in place, if data is lost or stolen, organisations may face heavy fines (noted in the GDPR legislation) as well as loss of revenue and reputation damage.

Data Centre Security Issues

There are a number of key areas of Data Centre security for consideration to ensure the protection of the data stored within the Data Centre, including:

  • Access To The Building – Data Centre Operators must ensure that the facility is secure from unauthorised access both at the perimeter as well as within specific areas of the building.
  • Compliance – Many industries are governed by compliance regulations and will need to be able to demonstrate both layered physical and cyber protection of data kept within a Data Centre.
  • Redundancy & Contingency – Security systems are required to function 24×7 so consideration needs to be given to the redundancy of their design. Additionally, contingency layers of security are also important so that if one level of security is penetrated, the next level will be in place to prevent a breach.

Rack Security

EDP Data Centre Security Solutions

EDP Europe offers the following solutions to help organisations improve the overall security of the Data Centre:

  • Access Control: Access Control Systems enable security staff to monitor the flow of traffic within the facility as well trigger alerts for any attempts at unauthorised access. Access Control Systems may use multiple identification factors, including biometrics, and may be deployed at facility perimeter, data hall entrance, cage or individual rack (more on Rack Security below].
  • Anti-Tailgating: Anti-Tailgating Solutions monitor and track the flow of traffic in and out of the data centre while minimising the opportunity for multiple people to gain access behind an authorised user. EDP Europe’s biometric readers help mitigate the risk of card pass back.
  • Asset Tracking: Asset Tracking solutions typically utilise barcode labels or RFID tagging to track the movement of an asset to prevent misplacement or theft. Fixed doorway RFID readers can track an asset as it enters or leaves a room, while handheld RFID scanners simplify the task of conducting audits in order to more effectively support accurate asset inventory, financial reporting and loss prevention.
  • Monitoring: CCTV Monitoring Solutions will provide both external and internal monitoring and can even be deployed at the rack level, as part of EDP’s RackANGEL solution, to provide recorded evidence of the movement of people on site.
  • Reporting: Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a general name for data centre reporting software used to aggregate security data with other metrics, such as power reporting, within one dashboard. DCIM can run stand-alone or in conjunction with a facility BMS system.

Rack Security

As most IT racks arrive with a standard key lock which can easily be lost, shared or result in the rack being left open, EDP Europe integrates Access Control System and Monitoring Solutions to ensure each rack is a secure and compliant.

Benefits of using EDP Europe’s Rack Security solutions in the Data Centre include:

  • Increased security to enter the rack (biometric, key, card or combination access).
  • Record keeping of when and for how long the rack was open and who accessed it.
  • Ability to record images of the person accessing the rack.
  • Scheduled access windows will provide alerts if the rack is open too long.
  • Alerts for any unauthorised access attempts.
  • Additional security and access used for regulatory and audit requirements.

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