EDP Europe offers a variety of data centre monitoring solutions that provide a means of monitoring and controlling power, environmental conditions or access to IT equipment.

Data centre monitoring solutions provide Data Centre IT managers with vital information regarding conditions and power usage within their facility.  EDP Europe provides solutions that monitor power and environmental conditions, as well as products that provide access to servers and serially controlled IT equipment.

EDP Europe’s range of Intelligent PDUs enable remote power monitoring of the equipment plugged into them. The PDUs provide power monitoring of the overall PDU, with some models providing monitoring down to individual outlets; some even provide remote switching to be able to remotely switch the attached equipment off or on. Making sure that the environmental conditions within the server room are within the ideal limits can be monitored using environmental monitoring equipment that enable thresholds to be set for maximum and minimum temperature and humidity levels. Alerts can be issued when these settings are about to be exceeded enabling actions to be taken to prevent the IT equipment being affected.

Where access to servers is required EDP Europe offers KVM switches from leading brands such as Raritan and Rose Electronics.  KVMs enable multiple servers or serially-controlled IT equipment to be accessed from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse in some cases remotely over IP.

Whilst our DCIM solution enables centralised monitoring and management of power, environmental and other data centre systems within a single platform.

Data Centre Monitoring Products for IT Rooms & Environments


Guide To Monitoring Solutions in Data Centres