After a successful debut at the recent Data Centre World Expo, where EDP Europe partnered with Swedish floor manufacturer Bergvik Flooring to launch their dynamic raised flooring system Iso Floor® to the UK market, it has been agreed that this partnership will continue long term.

The Bergvik flooring system uses up to 70% fewer pedestal supports than a conventional static floor.  This is achieved via a self-supporting steel substructure framework that is quicker to deploy than a traditional raised floor system saving on the cost of installation.  This framework provides high lateral stability and means that all floor panels can be removed without the risk of the floor shifting; it is also designed to take weight loads of up to 40kN/m².  This allows all heavy equipment to be supported and tip-protected directly to the substructure without the need for threaded rods to tip-protect the equipment, or separate stands to support CRAC and UPS equipment.  Additional brackets and bracing even allows the floor to be safely installed into seismic zones.  The framework also allows the use of different sized floor panels that include 600mm x 400mm, 600mm x 800mm as well as the traditional 600mm x 600mm floor panel, with custom sizes also available.  These floor panels allow the floor to be configured more efficiently, resulting in up to 25% more equipment being stored on the same footprint when compared to a traditional pedestal floor.  Other advantages with using fewer pedestals include:  Increased space under the floor for optimising cable management, improved access to building services and better airflow within the plenum.

Colin Parker, Marketing Manager for EDP Europe, said “We were incredibly pleased with the response generated by the Bergvik flooring solution at Data Centre World and are excited to be working with Bergvik on a long term basis to help bring the Iso Floor system to the UK market,” he went on “Iso Floor is a dynamic system that offers greater stability and flexibility, and is already proving a popular solution in other countries around the world.  The feedback we received at DCW proved to us that the many benefits to the solution will be of great interest to Data Centre operators in the UK market.”

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