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EDP Europe is pleased to announce the launch of its High Density Device Dock HD³ Charging Cabinets designed for the secure central management and charging of multiple handheld devices.

With the increasing use of portable mobile devices to capture data, particularly within the logistics and distribution sectors, ensuring an efficient management process is in place is vital to business continuity, and to the security of these high value portable assets. The HD³ charging cabinet provides a cost effective and flexible solution for such devices.

The HD³ Charging Cabinet is incredibly strong and durable thanks to its fully welded construction. Available in various heights, the handheld devices are stored in pull out drawers that are fitted and wired with the desired charging units for all popular makes of handheld devices, including the Zebra TC55 and TC56. This flexibility enables the drawers to contain chargers for a single device type or drawers for different devices all housed within the same charging rack.

The HD³ Charging Rack has a quick release swing handle front door that is inset with an acrylic window, which provides a means to visually check on the stored devices, this visibility is enhanced thanks to the integral LED light strip. The pull out telescopic drawers have a vented designed for improved airflow as well as being anti-roll back for easier use. Rear mounted power bar, vertical cable container and power supply units that are consolidated and secured within the chassis at the rear of the shelves enable better cable management. Four roof mounted fans extract the warm air, whilst a plinth at the bottom of the rack surrounds the counter balance weight that prevents tipping. The HD³ is fitted with recessed locking and non-locking heavy-duty castors that remove trip hazard whilst still enabling the rack to be easily moved to different locations. The power supply to the rack uses a 16A IEC C19 connector enabling worldwide compatibility, while the supplied locking mains lead prevents accidental removal.

The HD³ Charging Rack is fully customisable, even the colour can be customised along with branding to match any corporate scheme. With security being of paramount concern the security of the HD³ Charging Rack can be enhanced to enable controlled access to the stored devices, enabling a full audit trail of who accessed the rack, when and for how long. This enhanced security can be retro-fitted or installed up front and controls how the devices are accessed, be it via remote access or via swipe, pin or biometric readers locally.

Speaking of this latest addition to EDP Europe’s product portfolio Damian Stackhouse, Managing Director said

“Through our involvement in various projects, we have identified that companies required a better way of managing these highly valuable portable assets. The HD³ provides them with a flexible solution that aligns with their loss prevention strategies and enables them to take a proactive approach to managing their security”.

If you have a requirement that you would like to discuss please contact our sales team or call +44 (0)1376 510337

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