Introducing the fibre optic cable cutting service from EDP Europe

Fibre optic cable is being utilised more and more in Data Centres and Enterprise IT Environments thanks to its ability to transmit more data faster and further than copper structured cabling.

Fibre optic installation cable is supplied on drums with typical production reel sizes being 500m, 1Km, 2Km, 4Km or higher. With such a wide range of fibre cables available across both Single Mode and Multi Mode specifications with varying fibre counts, outer diameters, weights and bend radius required depending on application, it can be difficult to standardise on a single cable type. The last thing Data Centre operators and their installers want is to manoeuvre over-sized drums of cable around a facility or worse still to be left with an excess of unused, valuable, fibre installation cable sitting around their facilities, or being written off.

With this in mind EDP Europe announces its fibre optic cable cutting service that enables our clients to order the exact length of cable required for a job. The required length is cut to length and then supplied on its own drum ready to be easily deployed.

EDP Europe is the UK stock holding distributor for HUBER+SUHNER and stocks a wide range of their Single Mode OS2 and Multi Mode OM3 & OM4 fibre cables. This includes their range of Optipack breakout cables. These contain multiple tubes of either 12 or 24 fibres within an outer jacket. Optipack breakout cables provide a quicker way to deploy multiple fibres and help reduce cable congestion in cable raceways. Typically, the maximum number of fibres a breakout cable contained was 144 fibres, but HUBER+SUHNER has recently introduced breakout fibre cables containing double this amount to 288 fibres, which are available from stock carried by EDP Europe.

HUBER+SUHNER fibre cables also have an excellent CPR rating with many having a ‘B’ rating, well above the required minimum. They also offer CPR rated universal cables that can be used externally as well as meeting the minimum code for internal use. These are particularly useful for cables coming from the outside of a building into the Meet Me Room.

To find out more about the HUBER+SUHNER cables stocked by EDP Europe, or to request a quote on a specific length please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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